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Finding Time to Follow Your Dreams

As a young mom, I had a dream to be a writer. I attended my first writers conference when I was twenty-two years old and pregnant with my third baby. My dream of sharing the good news of God through articles and book was my dream, but seeing it accomplished meant carving out time. There is only so much one can do in a day after all.

How did I find time to follow my dreams? Here are four ways:

1. I set aside “writing time” every day. I’d homeschool in the morning and then in the afternoon I’d set aside a few hours to write while my children played. Those early years, I wrote articles and ideas for novels as Barney played on the television. At least a dozen times during those two hours my kids would ask me for milk, or a snack, or to play with them. I’d offer what I could but then remind them, “This was Mommy’s writing time.” I learned to get a lot done in those two hours, and my kids learned to entertain themselves. Soon, when I started getting things published, they were excited to see that what I’d been working on was in print.

2. Listen to God’s whispers. The biggest time-waster is chasing success to no avail. Once I started praying, “God show me YOUR dream and help me to follow,” everything changed. I found success because I was walking along the path God had for me. When I sought Him and paid attention it became easier and easier to join God where he was already working.


3. Focus on the person standing in front of you. “Jesus understood what is meant to prioritize and to balance,” says Richard Swenson M.D., author of The Overload Syndrome. “It’s okay to have limits. It is okay not to be all things to all people all of the time all by ourselves. At any given moment, the most important thing in life is the person standing in front of us.”

4. Cut out the good things to focus on the best things. For so many years, my motivation had been the approval of others. I wanted to show I could do it all . . . and do it well. That’s when I became aware of Ecclesiastes 4:6, “Better one handful with tranquillity than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind.”

That’s me exactly! I realized. Instead of filling my life with tons of good things, I cut out everything except what was best for me and my family.

Has it made a difference? Yes. Today I’m honored to serve my family and follow God—wholeheartedly, completely and full throttle, wherever He may lead. I don’t want to look back fifty years from now and think, What if I had trusted God? Where would I be?

There is always time to do what we want to do most—what God wants us to do most—guaranteed.

What about you? How do you make time to follow your dreams?

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  1. I like the idea of listening to God’s whispers. That means I need to get quiet enough to hear Him speaking in a still quiet voice and involves quieting my mind and soul. Wow, how much will that assist me in letting my Spirit long for Him. Finding time to follow my dreams has been an elusive pursuit for much of my life, but one I am fully engaging in now. I found the challenge today and I am joining now.

  2. Thanks for sharing that verse in Ecclesiastes…I’ve never realized what it was saying before, and I feel it gives me the permission to do what common sense suggests: Pick one thing you’re good at and let that be your main focus!

  3. What stood out to me in this article was that while you were writing your kids were watching Barney.
    I know that sounds funny, but seriously, Pinterest tells me that I can’t set aside writing time, because my kids must, at all time be making birdhouses out of organic materials while I souffle them tofu. In reality, while my kids are a huge picture of my dreams, it’s OKAY for me to have OTHER dreams and, dare I say it, turn on Netflix in order to accomplish that. My kids aren’t exactly walking around with lightshades on their heads. And I don’t think you can souffle tofu.

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