Gaining Wisdom by Working with Teen Moms

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Every Thursday night our family loads up in the car and heads to inner city Little Rock. This includes me, my husband, our homeschooled 17-year-old son, our toddler, and sometimes my college-age daughter. We set out on a special mission, to serve teen moms in the area through a program called Teen MOPS.

Teen MOPS is part of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) International. I first heard about Teen MOPS when I was part of a regular MOPS group at our church. As a former teen mom, I loved the idea of helping those who are where I used to be. I know how hard it is to find advice on everything from dealing with a boyfriend, to finishing school, to parenting while also living with parents.

When I first started mentoring teen moms eleven years go I was worried that I wouldn’t have all the answers. Now I know I never will, but the contribution I make is pointing them in the right direction. I can help them learn how to make wise choices…which helps all areas of their lives!

According to dictionary.comwisdom is: “the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight.”

Mentors in our program remind young moms that they don’t have to stay where they are. They teach young women that they don’t have to live on the edge, balancing between right and wrong. Instead they can move into a spacious place in a solid relationship with Jesus.

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About Teen Mom

Teen Mom: You’re Stronger Than You Think

Everything changes the day you discover you’re going to be a mom. It’s not just yourself that you think about—you have a child to care for, too. While you wouldn’t trade your child for the world, some days are just hard. Baby-daddy drama, dealing with your parents, and worries about school, work, and your future slam you. Your friends can’t relate to your little family, and you wonder if God has turned His back on you, too.

Tricia Goyer understands. A mom at age 17, Tricia remembers what it felt like to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. She’s also been the coordinator of a teen mom support group for over twelve years, and she’s cheered on many young moms—from all walks of life—through their journey.

In Teen Mom: You’re Stronger Than You Think, Tricia pours out her heart and shares advice for the hard things you face. She also longs to provide encouragement, reminding you that you can be the mom your child deserves—not in your own strength, but in the strength God provides.

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