How To Get Things Done Even When You Can’t Clone Yourself

I looked at my friend’s to-do list that she posted on Instagram.

“No wonder I’m cracking!” she posted. “I need a clone.”

I cringed as I looked at her list. It was long. I also cringed because I remember the feelings that huge of a to-do list brought on. The feeling that I was always behind. The feeling that I was a failure because I couldn’t keep up. And it seemed the more I focused on all the ways I was behind the worse things seemed to get, especially my attitude. And as a prolific author and homeschooling mom of ten kids it seemed I was ALWAYS behind.

Then I decided to make a few changes. Even though there is just as much to do I don’t have all the same anxious feelings inside.

Click here to read on The Better Mom the four things I’ve decided to BE!

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