God’s Mission & Tool Chest for Moms

God's Mission & Tool Chest for Moms

The assignment: confirmed in the moment by the Holy-Spirit via telepathic communication.

The command: given by the High Chief to Love One Another (Matthew 22:39).

You close your Bible and check the leather binding to make sure it’s not one of those self-igniting editions. It’s not. And that’s a good thing too, it’s your favorite exhaustive, study edition.

You snap open your super-secret tool chest. (So secret in fact, you have yet to use some of the apparatus.) Inside the chest, next to the pumping, beating gizmo, are some of your most valuable tools: joy, hope, faithfulness, kindness, gentleness, genuine concern and words of encouragement. Which do you use? It’s difficult to decide.

You begin to sweat. Not wanting to take any chances, you grab them all. You fasten tight the joy. Slide on your smile. And straighten your apron.

It’s not Mission Impossible. It’s Just “Mission.”

Shifting slightly in your seat, you decide to try out one of the tools. (Just for practice of course.)

“I’m excited about the big account you received yesterday, dear. I’m proud of you.” You reach over and caress your husband’s hand. Amazingly, the sour expression he wore just seconds before immediately dissipates.

Interesting. You make a mental note.

“Really?” He sits a little straighter. “Would you like another cup of coffee?” he asks, reaching for your mug. You accept.

Your eyes narrow as you see your second target dragging herself into the room. You know that hidden behind those pony-tails and knee-socks lies a victim of terrible trepidation. You were informed that today is the all-schooling spelling bee. You pull out the ultimate communications tool, G.C., better know as, Genuine Concern.

Your finger motions the pixie-girl to come closer. You wrap your arms around your daughter’s shoulders and pull her close. “Are you worried about the spell-off?”

Her head slowly nods.

“Would you like me to pray for you?”

She lifts her big brown eyes to yours. Your keen observation picks up a new sparkle. Her head nods again, this time in anticipation.

After you pray and provide a quick peck on the cheek, she skips away to catch her bus. Another instantaneous message breaks through into your gray matter. “Keep up the good work. From Big Boss.”

With a new hop in your own step, you set about to fulfill your cover as a mild-mannered housewife–also known as undercover organizer, meticulous manager and cheer-bringer in the home. A sharp ringing of the phone jars you from your important task of chasing dust bunnies from behind your plaid sofa.

You answer the phone, your mind quickly decoding the cryptic message buzzing through the line.

“Hi, it’s just me. Watcha doing?” It’s your best friend, Misty. Your supersonic sense of hearing picks up a low, slow tone. Something’s wrong.

“Oh, just cleaning,” you answer.

“Well, if you’re busy I can let you go.”

You roll up your to-do-list and shove it into the junk drawer. “I’m not busy at all. Come on over.”

As you scurry around the room tossing toys into every available corner, you realize you’ve been equipped with every tool necessary to fulfill your assignment. As you see your friend’s gray station wagon pulling into the driveway you send a quick message to the Chief. “Thanks in advance for your provisions. Mission’s going well.”

Your heart swells as you pull your best friend into your arms, and you realize that the mission isn’t over yet. In fact, it’s just beginning.

You also realize that when you follow God’s mission, the rewards are top-notch—somehow the secret agent gets a surprise blessing too. A smile, a hug, it doesn’t matter, because more than that, you picture the Bosses’ smile too.

Mission Tool Chest

Available Apparatus:

  • Bombardment of Bliss (AKA: Joy)
  • Covering of Calmness (AKA: Peace),
  • Unexplainable Endurance (AKA: Patience),
  • Confident Service (AKA: Kindness),
  • Detectable Decency (AKA: Goodness),
  • Undeniable Devotion (AKA: Faithfulness)
  • Inexplicable Restraint (AKA: Temperance)

Method of Communication: Direct Transmission (AKA: Prayer)

Code Words: “God Help.”

Access Time: Available to Any Agent, Any Time, Any Where

Let’s Pray…

God, I am an honored agent of your love. Let me be sensitive to your nudges, assignments, and commandments. I am ready and willing. Thank you.

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[Modified photo “Top Secret Area” by Marcin Wichary is licensed under CC BY 2.0]

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  1. Thank you. This is a wonderful, daily reminder.

  2. Gud one :).Mom on a mission doesn’t think about inconvenience but carefully looks at the need 🙂



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