Homeschool: The Big Challenge

Daughter standing on her father's feet

Homeschool: The Big Challenge

In the choice to homeschool, I chose a challenge that still makes me ask myself, What was I thinking? at least once a week. There are days I’d rather climb into bed with a coffee and a good book than figure out another lesson plan.

There are even days I’d rather scrub the toilets or clean out my fridge. It’s then I’m forced to my knees. Okay, God, can you show up today in a big way? I need you. We need you. And He does show up because, I think, God likes being needed.

I have needed Him a lot, to give me wisdom and patience and guidance as I trained tender hearts and filled young minds. I needed Him to guide my days and our school schedule. I needed Him to form me into the type of person who would be a good role model for my kids, who were watching me and learning from me 24/7.

The only way I could teach them at home and survive day by day was to allow God to form in me some of that love, joy, and peace that comes from His Spirit. While I don’t believe homeschooling is for everyone, I believe that God led me to this choice in order to make me more aware of my moment-by-moment need for Him.

What in your life makes you NEED God?

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  1. This is so very true, and a wonderful, timely reminder! Thank you so much for sharing!

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