Fostering Your Homeschooled Student’s Heart For World Missions

Fostering Your Homeschool Student's Heart for World Missions

Fostering Your Homeschool Student’s Heart for World Missions

Fostering Your Homeschooled Student’s Heart For World Missions

I’m the homeschooling mom of six kids. Three kids, 23, 21, and 19 are beyond the homeschooling years (and doing great!). Then we have three adopted little ones, ages 5, 3, and 2. Yes, that means I’ll spend thirty-five years of my life homeschooling! And during my homeschooling years one of the things I’ve focused on is fostering their heart for world missions.

Today I was talking with a friend about my 21-year-old daughter Leslie who is headed to the Czech Republic for a year for missionary service. My daughter is extremely mission-minded. Since her teenage years she has been mindful of reaching out to international people. She’s had co-workers, from the fast food restaurant she worked, who were from an international work exchange program and made quick friends. When she went to college, 90% of the people she hung out with were internationals. She invited them to our home and church.

My friend asked me what provided my daughter with such a heart for internationals. Here are a few ideas for fostering your homeschooled student’s heart for world missions<click to tweet>:


We read through Operation World during our homeschooling years. We talked about people groups. We prayed for them.

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  1. Andrea Cox says:

    Great article, Tricia! I love your comment about the “next thing”. That is so true! Only God knows the plan for our lives (and that of our children). He gives us clues when He prompts us to perform that next step, but He often doesn’t give us the full picture until it’s completed.


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