How to Balance Growing Your Dreams While Tending Your Kids

How to balance growing your dreams while tending to your dreams!


Do you have dreams and talents that you’d like to see develop? Have you always wanted to write a book, or host radio show, or run your own business but you are waiting until “after”? After the kids start school. After the youngest graduates. After life slows down. Dreams fulfilled all start with seeds, and they only grow when planted.

When I was 22-years-old, I decided I wanted to become a published author. The desire was there and the first seed was planted when I attended my first writer’s conference. In addition to having great aspirations, I was a mom of three kids. (Yes, I was a teen mom, but that’s a different story.) I wondered if I could really accomplish my dreams. The answer was YES!

Over time I watered that dream by writing lots, by attending more conferences, and by seeking out mentors. With watering and tending my dreams grew. My first novel was published in 1999. Currently I’m 44 years old, and I have 55+ books in print.

(I just realized that Palm Sunday weekend is the anniversary of my first writers conference. It’s odd to think that I attended Mt. Hermon Writers Conference 22-years-ago! I’ve been pursing writing for HALF my life! How amazing is that?!)


When I first planted my dream-seeds I was a stay-at-home mom. I wrote in the mornings, during naps, and at bedtime. The kids were there, and I somehow made the writing work. I hardly watched television, chose one day a week to do all my errands, and I said “no” to many, many things. Choosing to make the time was hard. The hardest thing was giving myself permission.

Permission to Plant

To follow our dreams, we just need permission. Permission to slow down. Permission to discover our deepest purpose. And permission to follow God-breathed dreams even when we still have kids at home.How to Balance Growing Your Dreams While Tending Your Kids by Tricia Goyer (Featured on Raising Clovers) --Do you have dreams and talents that you'd like to see develop? Have you always wanted to write a book, or host radio show, or run your own business but you are waiting until “after”? Check out this post by Tricia to hear what her thoughts are. Not to be missed!

I’ve written books and articles while raising kids, and there are times I’ve feel guilty for not being able to watch a movie with them. I’ve felt guilt for we have pizza for dinner…again.

Then again, I make sure to be a mom first. We sit around the table at dinner. I take time with each child each day. We serve together, and we laugh together. And once I started following God’s dreams for me, I’ve also been an example to my children of what following God-dreams looks like.

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  1. Aimee Luna says:

    I can’t even begin to say how excited I am to have come across this website today!! I am thankful for the work you do Tricia!! This particular post (I’ve already read many of them today) but this one in particular hits home like crazy!! My life long dreams have included being the best parent I can be, being a teacher, and helping people, particularly women — of all ages. My children are grown now and I’m 46 years old. Only in the past year have I truly given myself permission to dedicate time and energy to growing my dreams, for myself, and as you stated, for all that it brings to my family, and I am hoping for the many that I may be able to help. I have become a Certified Life Coach and Workshop / Retreat Facilitator. I am working on growing 2 groups currently, a Personal Renewal Group for Women (based on the works of Renee Trudeau) and a group of my very own, which I’ve named Bloomin’ Mommy & Me, dedicated to empowering and supporting teen and young moms, helping them to flourish and thrive and create a better life for themselves and their babies. I’m nervous right now. I’m nervous that I won’t be able to live up to the task. But something inside me is roaring (it’s no longer a whisper) to keep going no matter what, to trust and believe that things are happening in the right way and at the right time, and to go forward with this leap of faith. I thank you for this absolutely wonderful website full of incredibly useful information, wisdom, experience and love. I am very much looking forward to digging deep into your work this weekend, as I prepare for my first workshop coming up fourth Thursday of June.

    • I’m excited for all God’s doing for you!! Trust what God is doing more than those fears in your heart! He has amazing plans for you! Keep taking those steps of faith!

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