How to Be a Good Parent | 25 Tips

 Busy Mother Chatting with Her Daughter

How to Be a Good Parent | 25 Tips

So many times as a parent we focus on all the things we don’t get right . . . or things we think we could do better. I’ve learned over the years that while I always improve, I also need to celebrate what I do right.

One thing I feel I do right is I’ve shown my kids that life with God is an adventure. Instead of saying, “I can’t do that” I’ve modeled, “With God this is possible!”

Here are what other parents say:

Maddy: My husband and I play with our six-month-old. TV is off and she is captivated by our faces and voices. The best!
Rebecca: My kids are all around the same age, and they all talk at once. I love when I look at one child in the eyes and truly listen.

Becky M: I read evening prayers from Liturgy of the Hours to my kids. My three-year-old Katherine does the alleluias.

Becky P: I don’t over-schedule so we can keep our evenings and weekends focused on family time.

Bart: I love their mother.

Tabitha: I spend time with my kids. Being read to is something my seven-year-old still enjoys.

Mari: I fought to give my son a kidney. I failed, but that was the biggest thing I’ve ever done.

Joleen: I fix healthy meals for them! I feel like it helps them succeed in everything else.

Michelle: Besides x’s and o’s, I spend time discussing, thinking, and praying about each of my kids’ unique personalities and needs.

Peggy: I take them places I don’t want to go, like skating and the park.

Lynn: I refuse to be shocked by anything my kids (twenty-two, twenty-one, and eighteen) are willing to talk to me about.

Melanie: I tell my kids every day how much I love them and kiss them good night before bedtime!

Micelle: I correct my children and hold them accountable for their choices and actions. My children know they are loved, but it is when I parent them and guide them in the right direction that I feel like I am being a good parent.

Rosa: I read to my children every night at bedtime. My parents never read to me, and I fall asleep if I tried to read anything bigger than a magazine. But my children love reading, and I believe it is because I read to them nightly.

Lori: I feel like a good parent because of the rapport I have with my three children. They know they can tell me anything, and I will tell them my honest opinion or what I feel is in their best interest, and I will love them regardless of their choices.

Shari: I hold the gospel out to my children on a daily basis and let them see what Christ has done for me and is doing in me. That means being quick to repent and trying to show them grace and compassion, not anger and criticism (which is not easy for me!).

Deborah: I stay in daily contact with my children who are twenty-four and twenty-one years old. They call and text me and they have busy lives, so sometimes it’s just a simple text message I send to encourage them and maintain a positive influence in their lives.

Jessica: I try to cook for my kids every day using limited processed/prepackaged food—most is fresh and from scratch.

James: I intentionally spend one-on-on time with each child. Saturday morning breakfast works great!

Holly: I remind my two daughters that they are “blessings” to their daddy and me. I also remind myself and my husband we are their parents first, and not always a friend!

Rachel: I apologize to my kids when I have treated them wrong. I let them know I am not perfect and I, too, am still learning.

Billie: I laugh at their antics . . . especially in situations when one could get really irritated instead.

Mel: I’m available; keep in touch; show and tell my love for them; accept them unconditionally; give them the wisdom of my experience only when asked.

Pam: I always take the time to tuck them in.

Silvia: I tell my kids every day how much I love them and I really mean it.

What about you? What have you been good at?

Today’s Prayer

God, thank you for my children and the opportunity to raise them in a godly way. Please give me strength as I continue to parent my kids, and help me to show them unconditional love and grace.


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  1. Thuy Tran says:

    I am trying my best to restrict my temper to parent my children by listening to what they express.

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