How to be Transparent: Telling Someone About My Abortion Freed My Soul

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How to be Transparent:

Telling Someone About My Abortion Freed My Soul

Do you have a secret? I did … for a very long time.

My abortion was my biggest shame and only my husband and my mother (and my ex-boyfriend of course) knew about it. I can remember sitting in Bible study and the women talking about abortion. I thought I was going to be sick. I was sure everyone saw the pain and shame on my face–and these were my closest friends. I knew that if I told them they’d hate me. I hated me.

Then, about ten years after my abortion, I was at church and heard a woman talk about a Bible study for women who’d had abortions. I was shocked she exposed her darkest sin. I knew I needed the freedom she had. The hardest thing I ever did was go to that Bible study. But I did, and I found healing. More healing than I ever imagined I could.

Satan can only keep us captive if we’re silent. If we shrink back from the sin. If we try to “handle it” ourselves.

Jesus is truth. Jesus brought us into a body of believers to depend on each other. When we share the truth, Satan no longer has a hold on us.

Your “secret” is different than mine, but the enemy of our souls would like nothing more than for you to keep your struggle to yourself. To keep silent. We need transparency.

Steps to Transparency


To start taking steps toward transparency, see if there is a Bible study or some type of support group. Then confess to others who have the same issue. Care for each other. Pray for each other. Confession brings freedom; your burden will be lighter when you share it. I remember after I went to my first Bible study class, I started confessing other issues I had. I sought forgiveness from those I’d hurt, and the shackles fell from my heart.

Seek God and write out your prayers to Him. Know that your struggle is not hidden from His view. He knows your issues and still LOVES YOU COMPLETELY. Read Psalm 139. His thoughts of you are greater than the sand on the seashore.

Then, when the time is right, God will lead you to sharing your story with others. God will transform your trials into your testimony. He’ll also help you in your struggle. Turn to Him. Led Him guide Your steps. Jesus will lead you into freedom—trust that.

Read more about my abortion story in part two, coming later this week.

Steps you can take:

1. Find a Bible Study or prayer group for women in a like-minded situation.

2. Confess your sin to someone who you trust.

3. Seek God. Understand He loves you completely.

4. After you find freedom, share you story with someone who needs to hear it.

Today’s Prayer

God, please give me the confidence to share my story with others. Use it to further your kingdom and to bring glory to your name, no matter how scared I am to share my past with others.


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  1. Tricia, thank you for sharing your heart. It isn’t easy to be so truthful sometimes, but everything is possible with God. I’m glad He’s healed you. Now you can help others with your experience. The more I learn about you, the more I realize God has the perfect person helping the teen moms. You’re so great for them because you’ve been there and learned from the experience and are so willing to share what you’ve learned. Do you realize how much of a blessing you are to them? Count yourself blessed, girl, because God is using you mightily!


  2. Miss Tricia,

    Am echoing the heart felt sentiment of the first comment posted by Miss Andrea. Well said and I agree.

    As a 43 year old woman that always wanted to have a bakers dozen of children, married 25 years and no children.

    Found myself in health care, hospitality, nanny / nurse and safety work. Caring for literally hundred of other peoples children over the decades. Would not trade those experiences for anything in the world.

    Never believed in abortion as an option. Always have suppoted adoption and those in situation of expecting a child.

    None the less, I have experienced many domestic violences since infancy including forced abortions and that pain.

    Part of the reason I became a workaholic for a lengthy stretch of time was my way of coping with those losses.

    Then I found there was a far better way of dealing with those losses. To surrender ALL to Him and let thee all mighty be my barrier in life. Such release. Such freedom to let go of things that were never my resposibility. Hallelujah!

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