How to Encourage Your Husband to Lead

On the heels of my upcoming release with Phil Hodges and Ken Blanchard, Lead Your Family Like Jesus, I decided to poll my Facebook and Twitter friends about all things family, parenting, and leadership. Here are their answers to “How can you encourage your husband to lead?” (By the way, the official Lead Your Family Like Jesus website is up and running! Check it out here.)

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“Praise him for past efforts. Tell others (in his presence) what a great leader he is.” ~Jill Potts Jones

“Honor/respect his leadership and specifically acknowledge areas of strength.” ~Trudy Harder Metzger

“By not taking ‘control’ of every situation and problem and solving everything by yourself in your own strength.” ~Shah-yee McNeil Mojica

“Ask him for his wisdom and direction in situations we are dealing with—even if we think we already know the answer! Then listen!” ~Kathy Howard

“Follow and pray for him. For the first thirteen years of my marriage, my husband chose not to be involved with God. The next several years, he really didn’t want to lead. He was appointed as an elder a few years ago, and now he leads with integrity. I had to choose to follow him and allow him to take the position God intended for him to have.” ~Becky Wheeler Guinn

“Continue to praise him for the awesome choices he has made when leading our family! Remind him of the qualities that he still possesses, that attracted me to him sixteen years ago. Encourage his passion for God that causes him to make good decisions.” ~Karla Marie Williams

“I encourage and support my husband in attending a weekly men’s accountability group at our church.” ~Wendy Hamilton

“Be a follower. In order to be a leader, he must have a follower.” ~Laurie McClure

“This is a hard one. But when I married, I had to deal with my husband being just newly saved. But over the years, God has raised him to be a royal ranger leader with my support in all his ministry. All I could do was pray.” ~Jane Squires

“Let him lead, and pray, pray, pray.” ~Paula D Hill

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  1. I swear I left a comment here about this…unless I was so tired I imagined leaving a comment :). But I’m so happy you’re doing this book because Lead Like Jesus is definitely one of my all-time favorite management books.

  2. This is great. Our marriage works so much better when I let him take the lead. And I actually enjoy it better…sometimes I just get in the way:0

    Thanks for linking up!

    Christy Joy

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