A Heart Wide Open Christmas: Day 6 | How to Get More of Jesus (even when you’re scared to!)

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When our “Just enough Jesus” turns into “I can’t get enough Jesus,” we find Him to be a gracious plenty. –Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

There are many Christmases during my teenage years when connecting with Jesus was the last thing on my mind. I wanted to have fun in high school. I wanted to date boys. I still believed in Jesus (sort of), but the only thing I offered to Him were a few hours on Easter and Christmas when I went to church with my mom.

I didn’t want “too much” of Jesus, because I was afraid that He was going to mess up my plans. Can you guess where my plans led me? To no good. I’d pushed Jesus to the side, and I ended up pregnant at age 17 and alone. Not only that, I had a big hole in my heart that no pleasures on earth could fill.

It took getting to my lowest point to realize how much I really needed Jesus. Now, I can’t get enough of Him! I adore Jesus, and I want to seek Him more and more.

Maybe you’re like me. You’ve been pushing Jesus to the sidelines. Maybe you’re worried that He’ll mess up your fun. And maybe you’re wondering why you’re even reading my words … since you really don’t want to change.


You don’t want more of Jesus …

Or do you?

It took me feeling abandoned, heart-broken, and alone to realize how much I needed Jesus. He rushed in and filled my heart with hope, and He hasn’t left me one minute since.

If you’re ready to turn to Jesus (more than just on Easter and Christmas!) you’ll discover He’s been right there waiting for you. He’s been waiting for your heart all along. All you have to pray is a simple prayer:

Dear Jesus,

Please forgive me for trying to push you away. I believe in you. I believe in your sacrifice. I believe you are God’s son. I believe that when I turn my life over to you, you’ll be here for me … and you’ll also offer me eternity with you in heaven. Thank you, Jesus. I love you. Amen.

Did you pray that? If so tell a Christian friend who you trust. Ask that person to help you in your new-found faith. Also, find a good Bible believing church. Mostly, seek everyday to connect with Jesus-in-you through Bible study and prayer.

It may be scary seeking more of Jesus, but when you truly find Him you’ll always want more—more time with Him, more connection with Him.

Jesus is the Christmas gift that always keeps on giving … we just have to be willing to accept it—accept Him!

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