How to {Joyfully} Share a Life


I knew I wanted to marry John on our first date. How? Even more than my physical attraction {he was cute}, I was impressed by our conversation. John told me about his growing-up years, his time in the Marine Corp, and his hopes for the future. I knew he was someone I could share a life with.

How do you {joyfully} share a life with your spouse?

Here are 7 ways.

  1. Share memories: Memories give us a glimpse into each other’s past. I understand my husband better because of the memories he shares. He understands me better, too.
  2. Share dreams: Ask your spouse, “If you could do anything what would it be?” The answer may surprise you. Allow your spouse to dream without thinking about logistics and cost. Pray about how to make those dreams possible … or other similar {smaller} dreams.
  3. Share hopes: Dreams look outward, but hopes are what’s tucked deep inside. What does your spouse hope for his/her marriage, parenting, job? Ask.
  4. Share pet peeves: My husband is bothered by sticky fingers and toys cluttering the living room. And he overlooks a lot of things that drive me crazy. A lot of little annoyances can be avoided if you realize that pet-peeves may not be big issues, but they do matter.


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  1. Interesting way to look at the difference between hopes and dreams… 🙂 Thanks for the food for thought!

    I’m off to see the other 3 ways at “for the family”!

  2. OMG! I soooooooooo deseeratply need this and the other BGC workshops right now this year and right now probably more than I have ever needed anything! I am starting the new year off in grand style with more bad health news. I feel like I need something OR someone to show me once and for all that God’s joke’ is over and HE really isn’t using me for target practice!!! I just do not have the funds or the strength right now Melody. Please know that you and all the BG lives that you touch and heal every day are always in my heart and prayers!xoxoxo

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