How to Juggle Parenting and Writing

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I was interviewed recently by Dorothy Adamek at Australasian Christian Writers about all things writing! Check out part of the interview below and read the rest (including my writing process tips and more) here.

As a fiction AND non-fiction writer, I imagine you’ve got several projects on your mind at the one time. Do you have any tips on balancing writing deadlines and family and other commitments?

Currently I’m under two very tight deadlines. One is fiction. One in non-fiction. Thankfully, I’m able to jump between the two fairly easy.

I have a new self-published book out: Balanced: Finding Center As a Work-At-Home Mom.

This book gives a lot of tips on finding balance, but here are a few:

  1. Give yourself time slots for certain projects. For example, I’ll give myself one hour for emails, two hours for my non-fiction project, and then two hours for my fiction project in one day. I’ll actually set a timer on my phone, and I’ll ONLY work on one thing at a time. I’ll do my best to ignore everything else.
  2. When I’m with my family I’m 100% with them. We have family dinner almost every night. Phones are not allowed at the table—it’s a time to focus on each other. We also have a bedtime/storytime routine with our kids too.
  3. I hire a babysitter/nanny a few times a week. She plays with the little kids, and I work like crazy! I don’t want to spend all day telling my kids, “Not now, I’m working.” The kids love playing with Holly, and I love having dedicated time to concentrate.
  4. I rarely sign up for other commitments. I write, take care of my family, and lead the Teen MOPS support group . . . that’s enough! I do attend church and a weekly Bible study, but those are the only “outside” commitments I have. A person can only do so much.
  5. I have a great team at home. My husband takes the kids on an “adventure” most Saturday mornings so I can work. He does most of the grocery shopping, too. I have a housecleaner who comes once a week, and I already mentioned my nanny. “Many hands make light work!”

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  1. Sharon Miller says:

    I’m blogging about the Mennonite girl encountering the world for the first time. It reminds me of when as an MK, I came to the US- culture shock beyond belief for me. Do I laugh at the jokes; I don’t know what they mean? What kind of clothes do I wear? What are the slang words meaning? and on and on. Love to win this book. sharon, wileygreen1(at)yahoo(dot)com

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