How to Make Today Truly Miserable (Unofficial Unrecommended List)


  1. Open your eyes and think of all you didn’t get done yesterday.
  2. Assume the worst when your husband asks, “So do you have any plans today?” As if you didn’t have a huge to-do list every day.
  3. Push aside your Bible reading and jump into sorting that stinky pile of laundry.
  4. Remember what it used to feel like to wear your skinny, skinny jeans.
  5. Compare your kids to the star athletes and whiz kids your neighbors have.
  6. Compare your house/office/yard to the awesome pics continually reposted on @pinterest.
  7. Walk the mall and point out all the things you wish you had money to buy.
  1. Thank God for what your new day holds.
  2. Give your husband a hug and ask if he has something special in mind. If he doesn’t, tell him you do.
  3. Take time to read your Bible and asking the Creator of the Universe to guide your day.
  4. Appreciate your health and pray and ask God to help you in all areas you are weak.
  5. Hug your kids and tell them what you appreciate most about who God made them to be.
  6. Relax in your favorite part of your house for ten minutes and thank God for what He’s provided.
  7. Go through your closet and pull out clothes you haven’t worn in a while and take them to GoodWill.

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  1. Love the ideas in your list. I can always use a gentle whack on the side of my head like this as a reminder to look for the good!

  2. Thank you, Kim. I hope you have a wonderful (not horrible) day!

  3. Great post! I’ve been spending far too many mornings waking up with a bad attitude. But, yesterday, God spoke to me like he never has before. And I find myself wanting to be different and do things differently…starting with my mindset. Thank you for sharing this today. Definitely what I needed to hear…and think about. Have a great day!

  4. God speaks to my heart about this, too! A good attitude changes everything!

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