How to Ruin Your Writing Day

1. Look at the New York Time’s Bestseller list. Or better yet the Top Ten Christian books. Consider how happy those authors’ publishers are and how much more effective they are at spreading the good news of Jesus.

2. Compare your daily word count with those folks that write a new book every month.

3. Pick up that Pulitzer prize winning novel. Read it side by side with your most recent offering.

4. Look through other authors’ websites and compare. Especially note those that have flash video and cool gadgets.

5. Start editing the book you just finished. Tell yourself you’re not going to turn it in until everything is perfect.

6. Put together your ideal media/publicity package that you’ll pour money into once your book hits the New York Times Best-seller list.

7. Read Amazon reviews, especially everything under 4-stars.

8. Picture your book as a movie. Pick out who would represent your characters. Imagine how sales numbers will skyrocket when it’s released.

9. Do your taxes. Make income goals. Read your royalty statements.

10. Stare at the blank page.

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  1. Or open 24 tabs of blogs you want to read and leave comments on. 🙂

  2. I’m cracking up at this! Twice this month, my pastor (one of the most influential pastors in America) has spoken about the EXACT same thing I did – just two days AFTER I spoke!
    Literally, today, his message used almost the same scriptures I used on this past Thursday night. 

    He is much better than I am. If I compare myself, it makes me unproductive and discouraged!

    We just don’t have enough life left to look behind or to the left or the right!

    Press on to our calling! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Pinky pack to not compare!

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