A Few Important Thoughts that Will Transform Your Schedule: Balanced Series Day 11

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A Few Important Thoughts that Will Transform Your Schedule


I wrote the book Balanced, yet I love how God is able to use my own words to help and inspire myself! As I’ve written blogs based on the book, it’s given me a chance to rethink some of the concepts. Every season of life is different, and I’m even in a new season since the nine months when I wrote the book! These are things I was reminded of—important thoughts that transformed my schedule.

1. Take time to ponder where you’re falling short.


On my current Fail! and Yeah! List I identified that while I was giving a lot of attention to my little kids, it was easy to ignore the older ones. It worked out that I was able to go on a road trip to Nashville, and my nineteen-year-old went with me. We chatted on the drive. We went to a concert, and we enjoyed being together! If I hadn’t stopped to ponder where I was falling short, I would have missed out on the memories I was able to make with Nathan. When I think about where I’m falling short, I can make plans to succeed.

2. Take time to build teamwork in your family.


I’d had been slacking on working with my children concerning chores. I knew it would be a lot of work. IT IS! Yet they are so excited to help and to be part of a team. If I hadn’t done this challenge I probably would have let my little kids slide for while longer (months? a year?). Yet when I was reminded of the importance of building a family team, I made creating a chore time schedule a priority. When I think in terms of “teamwork” it changes how I/we work around the home.

3. Take time to prioritize.


When my to-do list gets too full, it gets easy to want to give up. When I pick the “most important thing” and do that, it’s amazing what can get done. When I think about “what’s most important,” I understand my next steps.

4. Take time to praise.


I love God but so many times I forget to thank Him for ALL things. My husband is traveling this week, which means life is harder for this momma. Yet when I praise God for the kids, the mess, and even the weariness, I’m reminded that God sustains me. When I think about God, it makes it easier to ask Him for help throughout the day.

What about you? How do your thoughts transform your schedule?

Steps You can Take

  1. Think about your thoughts. How do they change your attitude and actions? Take three minutes to journal about that. (Time yourself!)
  2. Write down three steps you can take to get your thoughts moving in the right direction.
  3. Thank God for the way He created our minds to work. Ask Him to guide your thoughts today, knowing they will transform your actions!

Daily Prayer

Dear Lord Jesus,

I know my thoughts are like the wind that moves the sail of my actions. When my thoughts blow in a positive direction, I steer in the right direction. Lord, help me control my thoughts today in a way that will positively impact my life and my family!

In Jesus’ name, amen.

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  1. This challenge has been SO good for me! Thanks for the effort and thought you put into it. I feel less frustrated and more focused than I did before the challenge. 🙂

  2. Thank You for this Challenge! You and your writing have made a huge difference for me 🙂 I appreciate you so very much! I hope that some day I too can be an inspiration to someone 🙂 Best Wishes!

  3. Thank you for this challenge. It came at a really good time where my life is full of extra changes. It was challenging! I’ll admit I had days I felt like putting it off, but I didn’t and I’m glad! I completed your challenge and a challenge to myself. That feels pretty good! You’re such an inspiration and so encouraging Tricia! Thank you for being you, keeping it real, and sharing with the world!

  4. I agree with the ladies who have already commented – this challenge has been something of a God send for me. No I’m not all ‘sorted’, but I feel less lost among it all. The constant refocusing towards God’s perspectives and priorities, and the reminder about the empowerment that is divinely available because of His calling on our lives, has been such an encouragement! Thanks for being the tool God has used in my life at this time.

    Just one request: I hope that one day this book might be available either in print or PDF copy. I’d love a hard copy by my desk so I can refer to it and be reminded again of all I’ve learned. 🙂

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