Introducing the New Goyer Girls!

Goyer Adoption Day January 11, 2016

Goyer Adoption Day January 11, 2016

13 questions to ask about adoption.

We are so blessed to officially have four more kids in our family. Making John and I the parents of 10 kids. Yes, 10 kids!

You can read more about their adoption here.

And now what everyone has been waiting for … photos!


photo from Leslie’s wedding, May 2015—back row: Katie, Maria, Cory (and Chloe), Leslie, Honza, John, Tricia, Jordan, Lauren, Nathan, Grandma. front row: Clayton, Casey, Alyssa and Bella


photo in front of the house, August 2015—back row: Florentina, Jordan, Lauren, and Maria! Front row: Casey (making a funny face), Alyssa, and Bella

We also get a BONUS daughter, son-in-law and grandbaby!

Our girls have an older sister. She is married to Regi and they have a sweet new baby girl.

photo from Thanksgiving on couch, November 2015 We also get a BONUS daughter, son-in-law and grandbaby! Our girls have an old sister. She is married to Regi and they have a sweet new baby girl On couch from left to right: Regi, Lauren, Jordan Lili, Maria, Floentina, and Nathan on laps: Alyssa, Maya, Bella and Casey

photo from Thanksgiving on couch, November 2015—left to right on couch: Regi, Lauren, Jordan Lili, Maria, Floentina, and Nathan. On laps: Alyssa, Maya, Bella and Casey


We love these girls so much, and we are so thankful God brought them into our lives. Adopting kids from hard places isn’t easy, but we wouldn’t trade them for anything. I love how God places orphans and families … especially ours!

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  1. Tricia!!! You and your family were central in my time with the Lord this morning -praying for you, thanking God for you, and responding to how the Lord is speaking to me through your courage and testimony. “I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU AS ORPHANS I WILL COME TO YOU” – john 14:18- Thank you for allowing us the gift of seeing into your life and precious family. Praying for you, and this multiplication of blessing!!!

  2. Andrea Cox says:

    Congratulations on the adoption being finalized! Such pretty girls. What an incredible quiverful you have, Tricia, and bonus kids too? What blessings! I’m so happy for your family!

    Hugs and blessings to all of you!

  3. Leslie Fernatt says:

    I am so glad they are now “officially” yours! I have loved those kids since I first met them at ABCH. I still have a clover necklace that Florentina made me the first weekend I met her. It is sealed in plastic in my office. I haven’t gotten use to the twins name changes yet, but am so blessed to see them happy! I know God will continue to bless you and your brood, today and always!

  4. Bonnie Roof says:

    Loved your post, Tricia – thank you, and congrats!!

    You, and your beautiful family, are an inspiration to everyone. I have always had a heart for children in need, I took classes in foster parenting & wanted to be a single foster parent – however, caring for my biological children required many years of working more than 1 job at a time. I didn’t think it right to bring more children into my home if I couldn’t spend enough quality time with them. I fulfilled my desires in a couple of jobs I had after my children became adults: working as a 2nd shift manager in a center for abused women/children, and also as a houseparent in a children’s home for abused & neglected children (for 7 years). I retired from the children’s home – due to health issues – in 2007.

  5. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your story. I love hearing adoption stories and how God is working in this area with people. Praying for you as you grow as a family.


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