Making Hard Choices: Saying Goodbye to ‘Living Inspired’

Making Hard Choices

Making Hard Choices

Saying Goodbye to ‘Living Inspired”

Many people often ask me how I “do it all.” Sometimes it appears as if I do. I write blogs, write books, host a radio show, mentor teen moms, and care for my husband and kids.

The truth is I have to make hard choices to maintain balance. There is a lot I say no to. I’m also cautious about what I add, and I frequently go before God and pray about what I need to back away from.

A few months ago, as I sat and prayed, I felt God telling me it was time to back away from some things. Some blogs I wrote for came to mind as I prayed. Even though they were wonderful ministries, it was no longer my season to write for them.

I didn’t even think about cutting back on my radio show, Living Inspired, but God brought it to mind, too. At the beginning of 2014 I added on a wonderful c0-host Michelle Hill who works in radio at FamilyLife. We were having a blast and talking to wonderful guest(s? Yep! Make that plural.). We had plans on making things (the radio show? Yep, she’s referring to the radio show.) bigger and better, but I felt God saying, “Did you pray about that?”

Yes I had wonderful plans, but the more I prayed the more I realized that God was asking me to walk away from my plans for His plans. He knows what I have coming ahead. He knows the time and attention that my books and children will require. So, as hard as it was, I decided to end Living Inspired. It’s been an AMAZING four-and-a-half years of being on the radio. I’ve interviewed wonderful guests and I was thrilled to be used by God to help promote other Christian authors and speakers.

The good news is that all my old podcasts are still available here.
I encourage you to listen to them and be inspired!

Some Special Thank You’s!

So as I end this season of my life I want to thank a few people:

  • First, the wonderful people at Toginet! Especially Erik, Sabrina, and Karina. Erik-the-Viking, I especially enjoyed working with you. You’ve been 100% helpful and supportive. Thank you, Toginet, for allowing me to help and inspired other!
  • Second, the Litfuse ladies. Amy, Caitlin, Christen, and Christine. Thank you for all your hard work managing my schedule and the guests.
  • Third, thank you Michelle Hill for jumping on board and being a wonderful co-host. You made the last six months the funnest ever.
  • Fourth, thank you to all the wonderful guests! I loved getting to know you are your hearts! I’m grateful to call many of you friends now.
  • Finally, thank you for all who listened and supported the show. I appreciate all of you!

And thank you, Lord, for giving me this season of radio … and reminding me that your ways are perfect.

The final taping of Living Inspired is done, but enjoy the remainder of the shows. They’ll be airing until July 17th!

I have a few books on sale right now! Generation NeXt Marriage is $2.99. You can also get my four World War II novels in the Liberators Series for $13.99.

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  1. Oh, Tricia!! I’m so sad–for ME! 😉 But happy for you!

    As always, you are an inspiration in balance and priorities. THANK YOU for all the hard work you’ve put into it. I totally listen to the archives all the time when I find an author I love I figure you’ve probably already interviewed them and scour your archives. 😉


  2. I applaud your choice.too often we are busy inspiring the world and forget about our own children.Believe me I am such a child….I know of what I speak

  3. Linda Dietz says:

    You are showing wisdom, Lady! I think this issue is something all of us need to visit…and revisit during the various seasons of our lives. My husband & I are retired & had build what we thought was our retirement house…built with lots of ministry in mind. Long story short, we definitely feel the leading of the Lord to sell this house and downsize (building with materials that are easy care & non-fussy) and keeping in mind the main ministry He has given us which is a monthly men’s prayer breakfast. We are mid to late 60’s and realize we’ve lived more life than we have ahead of us. I never want to stand before Him & hear Him ask why I spent time on many good activities…but not time on getting to know “The Lover of My Soul.”

  4. Props to you for making this choice! It had to have been hard — but you’ll also never regret it. 🙂

  5. I’m relieved for you, friend! You know how I fret over you…But we’ll miss your show. Thank you for serving our author community in helping to get our messages out, and for serving the listeners all these years. It was a great run!

  6. You inspire me Tricia Goyer! Much love to you as you move ahead..xo

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