Memory Jar Crafts


Photo Pendants

This memory craft is not only ideal to have your kids help with, but it’s also the perfect gift for them to give grandparents, aunts, uncles—basically anyone! These photo pendants are also very simple to make without much mess (very kid-friendly).


All you need for this project are black-and-white, square-inch photos, square-inch glass tiles, bails, Diamond Glaze, Super Glue, and ball chain necklaces. Check out your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels for some of these items.


Just put some Diamond Glaze on the tile; a little goes a long way, so you’re better off using a little and adding more later if you need some. Spread the glaze around a little, and position the photo face-down on the tile while the glaze is still wet. Rub the back of it (a popsicle stick or a pen works well) to seal the photo.


After it’s dry, probably 10 minutes or so, put more glaze on the back of the photo so it seals the photo completely to the tile. You’ll want this side to dry for a few hours.


All that’s left to do is super glue the bails to the tiles. Glue it to the back side so the bail is glued to the paper. Then thread the bail onto the ball chain necklace. This necklace is a great reminder of memories and those you love. It could also work as a reminder to pray for someone close to your heart!


Memory Box

Do you remember the show Bill Cosby hosted called Kids Say the Darndest Things? While my three oldest kids were growing up, they would say the funniest things, and I wish I could remember them! Now Alyssa, my two-year-old, is getting to the age she starts saying some hilarious things, and I finally have a way to keep track of those words I want to remember.


If you have a recipe box you’re not using around the house, you’re practically done! Feel free to spiffy it up a little, either with spray paint or maybe painting with some stencils to make it your own. I like the idea of putting “remember” on the lid.


Fill it with blank note cards, and use tab dividers to split the note cards between your children. If you don’t have any (or if you again want to spiffy it up), make your own with printed scrapbook paper, and write your kids’ names on the tabs.


Now when your kids say something funny, you can write down exactly what they said, as well as the date and their age. It is the ideal way to remember those small moments that make life so great.

(Here are some other crafts under $10 you can do with your kids.)

Memory Candles

You’ll need a high-contrast photocopy of a black-and-white photograph, a transparent candleholder, contact paper, and a sink of warm water.DSC_5742To get started, make sure the image will fit around the candleholder. Also make sure the image was photocopied on a laser printer, not an inkjet print. Then place the photograph ink-side down onto the sticky side of the contact paper. Rub the plastic side of the contact paper wherever the ink of the photograph is. Then cut the contact paper to the size of the candleholder so that it wraps around it.DSC_5740

After the contact paper is the correct size, place the paper in the sink of warm water for seven minutes. This will help the paper of the photograph pull away from the ink, leaving just the ink on the contact paper. After seven minutes, carefully peel and rub off any leftover photograph paper from the contact paper. Then leave the contact paper to dry completely ink-side up.

As the contact paper dries, it will become sticky again. Once it’s totally dry, adhere it to the side of the candleholder carefully. Then place a candle in it, and you’re finished!