44 Mom Blogs You Don’t Want to Miss (Plus a Giveaway!)


44 Mom Blogs You Don’t Want to Miss

There is a new type of world changers these days. They are women who serve God, serve their families, and use their words to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Having been a blogger for eight years,  I’ve built amazing friendships with other mommy bloggers. Below is a list I compiled of Mommy Bloggers that you don’t want to miss. Take time to check out their blogs and connect with these amazing women!

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Visit a few (or all of the blogs) and share which ones you stopped by and something you learned in the comment section and enter the Rafflecopter below!

Headline for Christian Mom Blogs

Tricia Goyer

Tricia Goyer



Christian Mom Blogs

Here’s a list of the best Christian mommy bloggers out there!

Source: http://www.triciagoyer.com/mom-blogs-you-dont-want-to-miss/

Oct 24, 2014 – thebettermom.com – 6024
The Better Mom - Inspiring Moms to Build God-honoring Homes

It was just another fall afternoon. Kids napping. Roast thawing. Dust piling high on my hand-me-down coffee table. Earlier that morning I’d popped both kids in the double stroller and headed four blocks north and six blocks west to our small town library. Our mission?

Jun 28, 2013 – triciagoyer.com – 6313
Tricia Goyer

For more than a decade, author Tricia Goyer has drawn from her experiences as a teen mother and leader of today’s generation, to be a voice of hope and possibility for teen girls, pregnant teens, mothers and wives.

Jun 28, 2013 – itakejoy.com – 6395
I Take Joy

Sally Clarkson–Christian woman, wife, mother, writer, author, blogger, dreamer

Jun 28, 2013 – womenlivingwell.org – 4883
Women Living Well

After over a decade of leading women’s Bible studies, a Mentorship Ministry, and Titus 2 Workshops at my church, I decided to move my ministry home in 2008 by blogging.



Oct 24, 2014 – ibloom.co – 5961

We’re so glad you’ve found us! Our iBloom team is on a mission to inspire and empower every woman on the planet to live a life she loves and ultimately live a life that honors God. We have a special gift for YOU! Download our FREE gift: 10 Ways to Get Inspired!

Jun 28, 2013 – aholyexperience.com – 5464
A Holy Experience

I scratch out words for DaySpring’s (in)Courage, speak with the amazing Women of Faith team, am a contributing editor for The High Calling, and I’m not going to lie, my knees knocked hard when I was on the Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford.

Jun 28, 2013 by Heather Haupt – heatherhaupt.com – 5871
Cultivated Lives | Heather Haupt

We celebrate, encourage and equip moms in the pursuit of intentional parenting, inspired learning, and integrated living so that we can raise world changers who passionately love God, love others, and delight in the adventure of learning.

Jun 28, 2013 by Sarah Avila – myjoyfilledlife.com – 6426
My Joy-Filled Life

Encouraging women to embrace their roles of wives and mothers; sharing the joys of raising and homeschooling a large family.

Jun 28, 2013 by Kacey Bess – nextlevelmama.com – 5775
Next Level Mama | Be Inspired. Be Different. Be Fun.

Next Level Mama isn’t just a website or blog. It’s a movement of moms who aren’t satisfied with ordinary or average.

Jun 28, 2013 – moneysavingmom.com – 5531
Money Saving Mom® | Helping You Be a Better Home Economist

Money Saving Mom® is an upbeat and encouraging blog dedicated to helping you find great deals, stretch your hard-earned dollars, and live on less than you make, so you can save more and give more.

Jun 28, 2013 – thechuppies.blogspot.com – 4822
The Chuppies

*I am Kara, the primary contributor to The Chuppies…though most of my writing is inspired by the rest of the crew.

Jun 28, 2013 by Kathryn Elliott Stegall – beccagarber.com – 5809
thoughts on excess :: media

Does this sound familiar to any of you? About three times a year, I rant around the house, screaming at our stuff: “What is all this? How did this get here? Why do we have so much junk? How am I supposed to keep up with all of this?

Jun 28, 2013 by Brooke L McGlothlin – themobsociety.com – 6114
The MOB Society

FOR moms of boys, BY moms of boys.

Jun 29, 2013 by Erin M. – homewiththeboys.net – 6426
Home With The Boys

Lover of Jesus, family, home. Wife, mommy, writer. Erin finds joy in her life as a Jesus-follower, doctor’s wife, mama to three handsome guys, blogger at Home with the Boys, and co-founder of Raising Boys Media. She writes to encourage families to grow closer together and closer to God, as well as inspire women in the area of faith, fitness, and other fun things!

Oct 24, 2014 – lisawhittle.com – 5065
Lisa Whittle

I’m a professional quitter and I’m also a bulldog. So, it’s official: I’m a walking paradox and don’t make sense. I’m a bulldog about integrity. I will scrap over people I love and don’t care if you share my feelings. I lose sleep over how to make wrong things in the world right.

Jun 28, 2013 – motherofknights.com – 6059

Inspiring Thoughts From 1 Mom of 3 Brave Little Knights

Jun 28, 2013 – ohamanda.com – 5650

This little space on the internet is about those big “Oh!” things in my life–my kids, my marriage, my relationship with God and how they all come together in my heart.

Jun 28, 2013 by Emily Powers – teachable-mom-ents.com – 4985
Teachable {MOM}ents

Every moment is a teachable moment.
“Come my children, listen to me and I will teach you to revere the Lord.” Psalm 34:11
Sharing the joys, trials & beauty of motherhood.

Jun 28, 2013 by Christy Stewart Halsell – onefunmom.com – 5463
One Fun Mom

encouraging moms to love Jesus and be who they are ~ while figuring out how to mother four boys and a girl

Oct 24, 2014 – momlifetoday.com – 6372
MomLife Today | EVERY MOMent COUNTS!

Father, I praise you and thank you for your peace which passes understanding. I pray that my child would not grow weary in doing good but would cling to you in times of discouragement. Noah’s wife got on the boat! Think about it. Noah’s wife got on the boat!

Jun 28, 2013 by Erin Schuknecht MacPherson – christianmamasguide.com – 5773
Christian Mamas Guide

One in-the-trenches Christian mom shares thoughts, ideas, stories and activities to help you survive life as a Christian mom.

Jun 28, 2013 by Becky Barnfather – organizingmadefun.blogspot.com – 5245
Organizing Made Fun

Organizing Made Fun motivation ideas fun

Jun 28, 2013 by Jenni Saake – strokeofgrace.blogspot.com – 6165
Stroke of Grace

InfertilityMom,” 39-year-old Jennifer (Camp) Saake, experienced multiple catastrophic strokes, due to vertebral dissection, the largest two (that either one “should” have been fatal) were brain stem and cerebellum bleeds.

Jun 28, 2013 by Daniele Evans – domesticserenity.org – 4878
Domestic Serenity

nurturing family & home, nourishing body & soul

Jun 28, 2013 by Sharla Kostelyk – thechaosandtheclutter.com – 5896
The Chaos and the Clutter

written by a mom of 7 just trying to find the joy amidst the chaos and the clutter

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  1. I read a few of these blogs already, but a lot were new to me!
    I visited I Take Joy, the MOB Society, Meghan Tucker, WLW, MSM, and OhAmanda.
    The MOB Society is in the middle of a 21 days of prayer for sons right now, and Courtney (WLW) has a great post right now on waiting on God.

  2. Rachel DeVaughn says:

    I actually follow alot of these blogs already!! 🙂 thanks for this great list!! hopefully some day I will be on it! 😉

  3. Fabulous list of inspiring, God-loving women!

  4. nancys1128 says:

    I recognized many of these blogs, and actually follow a few myself. They each have their own viewpoints but are all a wonderful blessing.

  5. Melissa Wallace says:

    It was nice to see that I already subscribe to several of these sites. 🙂 Teachable MOMents will be one I will be adding.
    Thank you for sharing this!!

  6. cynthia fernstaedt martinez says:

    Thank you for the introduction to new blogs! I have glanced at a few, but Sally Clarkson’s made me stop, read and give thanks! I have been trying to reflect on God’s Will in our lives each day, especially as I began homeschooling my youngest (10 yr old boy) this week. We have done homeschooling before, but I just never felt we got it right and I know this time is different, as I am letting God lead us.

  7. Well darn, Tricia. You made me cry! I’m so honored to be listed among some of my favorite, inspiring women. WOW!

    Melissa K. Norris! Anne Voscamp! The Mom Society and so many more. You INSPIRE ME!


  8. Love this list Tricia! I have known some of these ladies for a long time and always are encouraged to see how God has used them in their journeys. Keep the awesome work coming!

  9. I visit several of these blogs fairly regularly, but knowing Rebecca of Mom’s Mustard Seeds and the heart and conviction behind what she writes takes her to the top of my list. 🙂

  10. So many great mom blogs! I love reading the wisdom from other moms. I might be bias since I used to write for The Next Level Mama, but there is awesome group of women there who growing and sharing what they are learning to step it up to the next level as a mom…even if that next level means saying no to some thing to give other things more focus. The Better Mom is so good too. And of course, Sally Clarkson is amazing! You rock, Tricia! Thanks for sharing the list. I will have to take a look at more of them after I bring my girlie to choir practice.

  11. Halona Luna says:

    I already read a lot of these blogs. I subscribed to their other social media sites so that I don’t miss a thing. What a blessing!!

  12. Kim Galttana says:

    I found a new blog to visit….. I had never been to “My Joy-Filled Life”, and as a mom to 7 on earth and 2 in heaven…… I relate.

  13. I enjoyed Domestic Serenity and the Christian Mama’s Guide.

  14. Great information. Thanks. I’ve been pondering getting back into blogging. I did it years ago.

  15. iBloom will teach you how to Livie a life of purpose, joy, and fulfillment

  16. Aprul Patterson says:

    What a fun blog this is The Chaos and the Clutter . As a mother of a dozen children, all mine and my husband’s I can totally relate.

  17. I visited 29lincoldavenue (among many others) and learned that Stacey has a new blog. love the lay out of it!

  18. I follow many of these! Sally Clarkson, yours, embrace grace….

  19. It is so helpful to have such an extensive list of Christian blogging mommies. I look forward to checking them out.

  20. I visited and subscribed to “My Joy-filled Life” blog. I really liked her article on putting God first in homeschool. I also visited and subscribed to Christin Slade’s blog. I am looking forward to reading her articles on writing.

  21. Thank you for putting these all in one place! So thankful for Pinterest 🙂 I was drawn to The Better Mom because that is what I have been praying about lately. I went straight to the family section and loved the layout and content. I also enjoyed the Next Level Mama! I am going to go try out more right now, but I wanted to leave my comment before I got lost in all the blogs and forgot! 🙂 THANK YOU!

  22. I love Sally Clarkson! Always refreshing, encouraging, and loving. And real. So real.

  23. I already am a huge fan of the Money Saving Mom website. I think Crystal seems like such a real wonderful person. I enjoyed the Nourishing Home site wit the Simple Seasoned Cauliflower Rice recipe.

  24. Jennifer Cree says:


    Thank you so much for sharing these other blogs. I went through the first 12 and bookmarked them to read more often. As a soon to be foster mom of my first foster son, being able to read these blogs will give me more information on how to be the best godly mom to these kids who have been through alot.

    I appreciate all the moms that share their heart with the rest of us.

    Jen Cree

  25. kim amundsen says:

    Stroke of Grace blog what an amazing woman Jennifer is.

  26. Emily Copeland says:

    I’m pretty familiar with almost all of these homeschool bloggers already and am familiar with a few of the others too (Women Living Well, Good Morning Girls, to name a couple). Looking forward to adding some of these others to my blog lists too.

  27. I checked out the MOB Society site and really enjoyed it! The post on anger was such a good reminder to step back and let God work in difficult relationships and situations where we feel hurt or misunderstood!

  28. How awesome to learn about all these authors!

  29. You’ve listed some great ones! I love The Better Mom and MOB!

  30. karen smith says:

    I made sure I took back where tree tops glisten so that someone else could read it asap that is a happy funny sad and so true of a book I couldn’t put it down until I was done. I laughed and cried an talk to god just like they all did in the book. thank you so much for such a real life book t read keep them coming I love your books and will read them as they come out.
    always a fan Karen

  31. I visited a few and enjoyed learning about the authors, blog and posts.

  32. barbara summey says:

    love to win one of your books ! thanks alot

  33. Valorie M. says:

    Wow there’s so much great stuff! I looked at several, and one that really encouraged me was MomLife Today. I treminded me that every mom dreads the uncomfortable conversations as our kids get older, but that to avoid them is not only futile but harmful. I should know this from my own experiences growing up in a home where we were actually discouraged from asking questions.
    This was a huge blessing to me today, THANKYOU!!

  34. Elizabeth Bovender says:

    WOW… so many great blogs to look at… Since I am limited on my time right now… I only had the time to really look at three of them… Tricia Goyer…. Women Living Well…. One Fun Mom…. The one that stuck out the most to me was Women Living Well…. because right now that is the journey I am on… trying to make my home a haven for my family… a place they know they can come home to after the chaos of the day…

  35. Gosh, I have loved Sally Clarkson for years. I so appreciate all the blogs and have visited most but will go back to visit more. I am an older mom who is ministering to younger moms at my church so Tricia you have been an inspiration! I share yours often! Women Living Well has blessed me and others so much in the past year too.I am going to explore IBloom nest as I think she and I think alike but she is able to express it so well. Ann and A Holy Experience have just blessed me so much this past year . . . scripture based and focused. Thank you to all of you who are blogging and sharing your hope in Christ as women and mothers. Blessings!

  36. Love the list of blogs! I met a friend recently with an awesome mommy blog if you want to add it sometime. 🙂
    – Viola

    http://faithfulfeat.blogspot.com/ – by Kaylene Yoder

  37. I already follow quite a few of these blogs, but I found a few more that I like, thanks to your list!!

  38. Linda Landreth says:

    wow, great list. Thanks for your blog. I always look at it!

  39. Oh, the clutter one…I really need that one pasted on every wall of the house! And Arn’t large families awesome? Love that you write realistically about having a large family and counting your blessings and realizing that people, especially little people are worth more than a spotless house!

  40. Allison M. says:

    I’m always looking for new blogs to read, so this is a great list for me. Thanks!

  41. I loved the Money Saving Mom website. I thought she really put a lot of effort in helping people and she seemed like a really genuine person. I also like the Nourishing Home Site and I even copied the Seasoned Cauliflower Rice recipe to make for my family. It sounded so yummy! I found something special with all of the sites. Thank you for sharing!

  42. Martha Peace says:

    l love your books would love to win Thanks

  43. I was so excited to see a familiar name on your list!

  44. Thank you for these resources! It was nice to see these all neatly packaged! I visited several, but the top 3 that stuck out to me were Women Living Well (I would love to be part of the book club in November, but have dedicated that month to NaNoWriMo), iBloom -looks like a good bunch of resources right there at my fingertips, and Christin Slade-I’m hoping to glean some wisdom from her writing tips and what nots…Thanks again for this list! It was super duper!

  45. Jennifer Hibdon says:

    I visited the Women Living Well blog about sisterly competition! I think it could also be sister in law! I appreciate the eye opening comments! I really enjoy your thoughts and comments. Thanx for the giveaway!!!!!

  46. I loved this list! Thanks for introducing me to some new mommy bloggers! The Chaos and the Clutter, Early bird, and my Joy Filled life were a few I enjoyed and liked on facebook. Great stuff!

  47. I visit Women Living Well, and OhAmanda daily. Courtney had a great post on comparing and I love this quote: We must beware! Competition leads to division and loneliness.

  48. Great list! There are several I love already and lots I’m checking out. Thanks for sharing.

  49. Jessica B. says:

    I visited One Degree Ministries. I already follow several of the blogs that you’ve mentioned here and yup…they’re great. 🙂

  50. There are so many of these that I like. I follow alot of them, but over the years I sign up for way too many of their e-mail updates and end up reading very few of them, so I unfollow them. One of those is Sally Clarkson’s blog. I went to it and found that I miss her writing and need to find some way to keep up with the wisdom that she writes.

  51. A lot of these r new for me , I cannot wait to check them out : )

  52. Oh my goodness – what an honor to be listed here with these other women! Thank you for featuring me. You made my day 🙂

  53. I follow most all these blogs and love them. I as a blogger love that there are those out there that love the same message I share. I love that we can all encourage in our all way.

  54. Well I truly enjoyed reading it.

  55. Wow ! There are so many incredible bloggers out there. It put a smile on my face that there are so many Godly women out there inspiring others like me. 🙂 God is good!!!. Thank you Tricia for sharing this list. I look forward to reading and following these incredible women. 🙂

  56. Hi Tricia,

    Fantastic article! I would love to share http://www.startamomblog.com with these mommy bloggers. It is a tool to help mom bloggers with specific advice on how to become successful bloggers while raising children. It contains simple, quick guidelines tailored specifically to mothers.

    I really think it could help all the other mom bloggers out there! We need each other’s support!

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