Moms, Make Every Day Count

On the heels of my upcoming release with Phil Hodges and Ken Blanchard, Lead Your Family Like Jesus, I decided to poll my Facebook and Twitter friends about all things family, parenting, and leadership. Here are their answers to “How can moms help make every day count?” (By the way, the official Lead Your Family Like Jesus website is up and running! Check it out here.)

“Intentional living. Even if your intention is to use the rest of vacation to dig into algebra or to dive into the Word.” ~Angie Wright

“Take time every day to look into your child’s eyes while talking with them and listening to them (like, not when they are in trouble! LOL!). This helps me connect with my kiddos. It’s one of my daily goals, along with making them laugh!” ~Stacy Reese Stone

“LOTS of hugs and kisses!” ~Rene Aube

“Let your children know you love them and also that Jesus is always there with His arms wide open.” ~Denise Glisson

“Take the time to listen to them, no matter how long the story is or how uninterested you are in the ‘subject’ of what they ar telling you. Listen! If you start when they are young, they will still ‘talk’ to you when they are in their teens!” ~Dianne  Stuart DeNuke

“Truly listen to your children. Smile. Encourage them. Apologize when you mess up. Let them see you struggle with things and watch you deal with disappointment; these lessons will stick with them more than anything you try to teach them.” ~Susan Ray Moore

“Prayer.” ~Jennifer Erd Cook

“Lots of hugs! Notice all blessings, small and great!” ~Karla Marie Williams

“Hug lots and lots and lots! And pray for people and with people!” ~Natalie Marie Holmgren

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  1. Thanks…. Sometimes we tend to fall in a rut with homeschooling and rush to get things done… This is great to re focus.

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