| A FUN way to teach your child about car safety features!



A FUN way to teach your child about car safety features!

“We downloaded Dashboard Blitz, an app on car safety features and my 6-year-old and I had a blast playing it!” This isn’t a phrase I ever thought would cross my lips, but it did. And it’s true.

I’ve been thinking a lot about automobile safety ever since my 16-year-old daughter attended driver’s education. In Arkansas, where we live, driver’s education is not required, but in the Goyer household it is! I want my children to be as prepared as they can be before getting their driver’s license and heading out on the road.

I started talking to Maria about driver’s safety and care safety features as the days ticked down to when the training would start, but I never thought about preparing my kids even before that. What a concept!

Driving Safety 101

The world of driving safety is changing rapidly. New car safety technologies are being added to cars faster than any earlier generation. Even features that have been around for years are getting smarter. But how do these safety features work? When should they be used? How can they help me? helps drivers answer these questions. MyCarDoesWhat is a national campaign to help educate drivers on new vehicle safety technologies designed to help prevent crashes.

The campaign’s website,, includes educational videos and other information about a variety of safety technologies including back-up cameras, blind spot monitoring systems, forward collision alerting and other systems that help drivers avoid or reduce the severity of a crash.

Fun Game!

Honestly isn’t not a huge priority for me to sit down and teach about car safety technologies. As a mom of ten kids I just don’t have time. (Who does?) That’s why this game is so GENIUS! I mean what kids doesn’t want to try out a new game?

Dashboard Blitz Title Screen

Dashboard Blitz is an Android and IOS app. You can find out more info here. I started playing it with my 6 year old and we played together. Then, my 11 year old wanted to try it out. She’s asked to play it again many times!

Here’s how the game works:

You’ve been tasked to run the world’s most advanced auto expo. Here, visitors can try out simulators with the latest in car safety technology – from blind spot monitors to back-up cameras and more.

Along the way, you’ll score sweet upgrades, new safety features and rise to the top of the auto expo circuit!

The best part of the game is the knowledge that it gives kids about car safety features. When we are in the car they are more aware of the safety technology. “Mom, that’s your back up camera, cool!” and “Did you just use your anti-lock brakes when you stopped?”

In addition to knowledge they gleaned my kids really had fun with it. They were able to touch and move the objects and scroll through the screen. The game increases difficulty with each level and they gain points, buy upgrades and had to move quickly to keep up.

What are you waiting for?

Download the game and have your kids try it out! Not only is it fun they’ll learn a lot, too! And the sooner they start learning the safer they will be when they finally get on the road … which is something every parent wants!


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