Podcast: Living Inspired: Pam Farrel and Fawn Weaver

Living Inspired ~ Thursday 3CT (4/24/14)

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 This week on Living Inspired, please welcome Pam Farrel, author of Red Hot Romance Tips for Women, and Fawn Weaver, author of Happy Wives Club.

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Pam Farrel has written 52 Ways to Wow Your Husband and The 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make. Along with her husband, Bill, she has written Men Are Like Waffles–Women Are Like Spaghetti (more than 290,000 copies sold) and Red-Hot Monogamy. They are cofounders and codirectors of Love-Wise, an organization to help people connect love and wisdom and bring practical insights to their personal relationships. Pam has been married to Bill for over thirty years and the couple has three grown sons.

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About Red Hot Romance Tips for Women

From Christian marriage experts and bestselling authors Bill and Pam Farrel comes a new book for women about romance, passion, and becoming the godly woman your husband needs. With an in-depth look at the qualities a man finds attractive in a woman, you’ll learn how to build and maintain a Christian marriage; romantic ideas and tips for stoking the flames of love…and keeping them burning; and what the Bible says about marriage. With wisdom, humor, and devotional questions to provoke discussion, Red-Hot Romance Tips for Women will keep your marriage sizzling!

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Fawn Weaver is a New York Times® and USA Today bestselling author, businesswoman, marriage advocate and the founder of the Happy Wives Club, a community of over 600,000 women in more than 100 countries. The Club’s website, HappyWivesClub.com, is an upbeat blog dedicated to positively changing the tone about marriage. Twice named the Best Marriage Site on the web by About.com (2012 & 2013), HappyWivesClub.com is the go-to place for women wanting to read about the “sunny side” of marriage and get tips on taking a marriage from good to great and from great to extraordinary. She and her husband, Keith, have been married since 2003.

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About The Happy Wives Club

Fawn Weaver was a happily married woman running a successful business–and then something happened. Maybe it was divorce rate reports on the evening news, or The Real Housewives of Orange County, but everywhere she looked, Fawn saw negative portrayals of marriage. Looking at Keith, the love of her life, she knew that wasn’t true. She was determined to find and connect with women like her–happy and optimistic about marriage, deeply in love with her spouse, and committed to building a strong marriage that stands the test of time. On a whim, she started the blog HappyWivesClub.com and it exploded into an international community. Happy Wives Club is Fawn’s journey across the world to meet new friends and discover what makes their marriages great. It turns out great marriages are all around us–when we look for them. Go on a trip with Fawn and learn the best marriage secrets the world has to offer.

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  1. RUTH SMITH says:

    for the 47 years of our marriage, we have had “date night” every week unless one of us are sick or in the hospital as a means to keep the spark alive in our marriage. We feel that all married couples should do this especially after kids arrive…I would love to win the book to see how others keep their marriage alive. thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway.

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