How to Pray for Your Future Husband: Understanding

Pray for your future husband

6 Ways to Pray for Your Future Husband: Understanding

How to Pray for Your Future Husband: Understanding


I started praying for my future husband when I was 17 years old and pregnant with my son. I wanted someone who could love both me and my child. I wanted someone who loved God. God brought me an amazing man. John and I have been married for 23 years now. We had two more biological children, and we’ve adopted three more . . . making that six kids total! God has done more than I’d ever hoped or imagined.

My friend Robin Gunn and I wrote Praying for Your Future Husband a few years ago. The fun part is getting photos from some of the young women who prayed—wedding photos!

Of course there are women who are still praying and waiting, and we’ve gotten letters from them, too. They tell us they are drawing closer to God as they wait . . . and that is exactly what we hoped for!

In the moment, though, it’s hard to understand the wait. It may be hard for your future husband to understand, too. The best thing to do while you wait is to pray.

(And if you’re a mom, grandma, aunt or friend join the young women you love in prayer! Also considering picking up a copy of Praying for Your Future Husband for the young woman in your life!)

There are many things to pray for, but one of them in Understanding. Understanding means trusting that God has a plan. It means being willing to be open-minded about past mistakes, knowing that God’s grace is available to everyone.

Here are 6 ways to pray for understanding.

Pray for Understanding for Your Future Husband.

  1. Pray God’s Word will flood his heart.
  2. Pray your future husband will seek God and try to understand what God is doing in His life.
  3. Pray he has a tender heart that will be understanding of your past mistakes.
  4. Pray you will be understanding of his.
  5. Pray that if he has his heart broken, he will be surrounded by good friends who will support him during the healing process.
  6. Pray that in each of his relationships, he will develop an understanding heart and will always believe God has a different and better plan.

When you pray, rather let your heart be without words than your words without heart. John Bunyan

Friend, God has good plans for your future. Keep trusting. Keep praying! And I’ll be excited to hear where He leads you!


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For more, read a sample of Praying for Your Future Husband:


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  1. Not everyone gets married.

    Considering singleness a “waiting period” distracts young women from the here and now by putting much too high an emphasis on the future, keeping us from living a full life.

  2. What a great post! Thanks, Tricia! This book had been on my wishlist for a long time…Really want to buy it once I have the extra cash! Would love more posts like this in the meantime! 🙂

  3. Okay, it’s me again! And I just have a question for you after thinking over this article for a while: I *think* God *might* be calling me to singleness (Woa, that feels really weird to type). But again, I’m not positive. Some days I think He’s leading me in that direction, then the next day I’m sure I’m actually supposed to get married. Anyways my question is, obviously if God ends up leading me to singleness, how would “praying for my future husband” benefit me? I mean, if He really doesn’t have anyone for me, than who am I praying for when I pray for “him”? Hope this makes sense and you can help answer my question!

  4. Sara Johns says:

    I’ve never heard of the book but I really want to read it! My Mom has been praying for my future husband since I was a baby and now she encourages me to do so especially since I will be heading off to college soon. I pray but I also struggle with being patient. I think I saw this post because I was meant to read Praying For Your Future Husband. Thank you Mrs. Goyer!

  5. single mom who is 29. Would this book be oppropriate for me.

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