How Your Prayers Change the Future


How Your Prayer Change the Future

I’d like to think I’m an expert pray-er. I can clearly see how my prayers changed things. For example, I have three little kids—not birthed from me—running around my house who are examples of that. Yet the way that my prayers changed the future is different than you think.

God is not a genie in a bottle. My prayers weren’t effective because I figured out the right words to make God do what I want to do. I used to think that. As a young Christian I’d try all sorts of things:

  • praying in the morning
  • praying at night
  • praying on my knees
  • praying out loud
  • journaling my prayers

I wouldn’t admit it out loud, but I believed deep down if I said the right things, at the right time, in the right way, that God could be swayed.

What I’ve since discovered is God has good plans for my life. He has hopes for me and a future. And the number-one thing that changes when I pray . . . is me. Prayer opens up the connection between me and God. Prayer softens my heart to His will.

My prayers change the future because as I connect with Him, I’m willing to submit my will to His. As as I submit and walk in His ways . . . my future is different than the path I would have taken myself on in my own according. And the future is changed.

Prayer changes the future because:

  • I connect with God.
  • I submit my will to His.
  • I walk in His ways—not the ones I try to figure out.

I have dozens of examples of this, but I’ll quickly share one: adoption.

To find out how God answered my prayers of adoption, read the rest of this post at

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  1. I love reading your blogs. I also am an adopted mommy. He is really my g-son. He needed me when really nobody wanted him due to issues before he was even born. My little 7 yr old man has many medical issues all thrown at him but I know Jesus leads the way.

    Thank you so much for your insipration you place in my heart daily.



  2. Billie Graham once wrote in a book when you pray that’s you talking to God. When you read the Bible that’s God talking to you. Sometimes when I pray and ask God for something it seems the prayers don’t get answered or at least not as quickly as I’d like. God’s never late. His timing is always the right time to answer that particular prayer. Other times when I pray for something it’s amazing. The prayer seems to be answered right away. Assuring me that God is listening to my prayers.
    We have at least two families at church that have adopted. They started out as foster parents. One family has a large house. They have one biological daughter. They have many foster children and their home is filled with love. They recently adopted one of their foster children. When they come to church one whole row of seats is taken up by this family and the children are always so very well behaved. Never being noisy during the service or being a distraction .
    They all look so happy. Blessed indeed is the foster child that comes to their home.

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