Praying for Your Child’s Future Spouse

Cory was just a small toddler when I started praying for his future spouse. It wasn’t something I prayed for every day . . . or even every week. But I prayed when God stirred my heart. I prayed when I struggled in my own marriage. I prayed when my marriage grew stronger and full of joy. And I honestly believe my prayers made a difference. Prayer always does.

I adore my daughter-in-law, Katie. She and Cory have been married more than three years and have two beautiful babies. She’s thoughtful, caring, fun, and godly. Most of all she adores my son. (What more can a mother desire?!)

Give ear, our God, and hear; open your eyes . . . we do not make requests of you because we are righteous, but because of your great mercy. Daniel 9:18 NIV


Cory and Katie Goyer

So what things do you pray for? These are things we encourage young women to pray for in our book Praying for Your Future Husband . . . and you can pray these very things for your child’s future spouse!

What to Pray For

Pray for his/her heart

Pray he/she will be a God lover

Pray for patience

Pray for understanding

Pray for trust

Pray for loyalty and faithfulness

Pray for strength

Pray for protection

Pray for intimacy

Pray for “the list” (God’s list for your child!)

Pray for contentment

Pray for commitment


You can pray for all of these things for your children’s future spouses, and don’t forget to pray the same things for your children, too. I have one child who is married, and I’m continuing to pray all these things for the five other children still unmarried. And since my youngest just turned three years old, I’ll be praying for quite a while!

Prayer makes a difference. And make sure you let your child know that you’re praying, too. Help them to form their own prayers, even at a young age. It’ll help them to prepare their heart for the person to come.

 What things do you pray for concerning your children’s future spouse?



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