Pursuing Purpose In Your Fall Schedule

pursuing purpose in your fall schedule

While January 1 is truly the beginning of the new year, September and October alway feels like a fresh start to me. By September, in the Goyer house, we’ve just started homeschool. I started a new prayer journal, and we’re settling in to a new (earlier) bedtime routine. While summer is fun, by the end of August everything within me longs for routine. Over the years I’ve learned a few ways to pursue purpose in my fall schedule.
1. Cut out anything you’re doing because you felt guilty or didn’t want to say no. Or even things that are “good” but aren’t exactly what you’d consider your purpose. Even though something may have sounded like no big deal, it’s time to be realistic about how that decision impacts your day-to-day life. You don’t have time to pursue purpose if you’re too busy pursuing “good” things-you’ll miss out on the best things!
2. Become purposeful about chores. Create a simple chore list for yourself and your kids. Fold the laundry right out of the dryer, instead of piling it on your couch. On Sunday afternoon, jot down five meals you’re make for dinner and make sure you have the ingredients. Everyone night spend five minutes picking up random stuff before heading to bed. A little purposeful planning ahead goes a long way.
3. Decide on one simple step to take toward fulfilling a dream that God’s placed in your heart. Following your purpose comes from design, not default. Want to write a book? Turn off Netflix and write for thirty minutes a day. Want to complete a 5K? Find a race, sign up, and then jog around your block. The little steps, done consistently add up over time.
4. Purpose to read the Bible every day … and do what it says. If I can point to the thing that’s transformed my life the most it’s this idea. I’ve read through the Bible at least six times all the way through, and I attempt to spend at least ten minutes a day reading God’s Word. I’ve also dared to follow what God asks me to do: love others, serve the poor, care for the widows and orphans. I talk about all of this in my new book Walk It Out. I would love for you to pick up a copy for yourself and a friend and learn how to walk out God’s mandates in your own life.
Also, to make it easier for you to become purposeful about reading God’s Word, I’ve designed a Bible reading guide just for you! This is a 5-day plan, which means weekends are for rest, reflection and catching up!



I’ve also started a private Facebook group for readers. You can join the Walk It Out Scripture Reading Journey here.
Once you’re a member, you can download the FREE Bible reading plan! Below is just a sample of what you’ll see! 


My hope is that by seeking purpose in your fall routine you’ll be more available to step out and follow God in new ways. Pursuing purpose isn’t just about making our lives easier. It’s about become available to join God in His work within our heart, our home and beyond!
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