Resolution Solutions


Resolution Solutions


Last night my husband, daughter-in-law, and I were talking about New Years Resolutions.

“I make New Years resolutions every year and follow them for about four days,” Katie said. “Then another week goes by and I often forgot I made them!”

I can 100% understand that!

Today as I think about New Years Resolutions a few things are on my mind. First, is my “word of the year.” Every year–for the past six years–I’ve prayed and asked God to give me a word of the year. As I prayed about it over the last month I feel the word He’s given me is “Listen.” A few things came to mind as this word resonated in my heart.

1. Listen to the Holy Spirit.

I can make a lot of plans and get wrapped up in a lot of ideas, but listening to the Holy Spirit makes all the difference. I don’t want my plans to succeed. I want God’s plans for my life–my world–to succeed through me. This only happens through reading His Word and the still, small voice that stirs when I do.

2. Listen to those closest to me.

With a full house, it isn’t easy to drown out the noise. I desire to take time to listen to those who I love the most. This means being available and asking leading questions in order to understand another’s heart.

3. Listen to people’s stories.

To the people God brings into my life. All of my books involve discovering the “truth” in people’s stories and either weaving them into fiction or organizing it in non-fiction in a way that will help readers. God continues to bring amazing people into my life. Their stories can not only impact my books, but also touch the hearts of my readers.

4. Listen to my readers.

I do what I do because of YOU, and I’m working to be more aware of what YOU care about most. To me, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. isn’t just a way to tell you what’s happening in my life–but to hear what’s happening in yours. I truly want to know. I truly want to write books that you’ll enjoy, be inspired by, and want to share!

Second, make them happen.

Those are great resolutions, right? By they truly won’t make a difference unless I seek solutions to follow through. For me, nothing happens unless it’s in iCal, so that’s what I did. I scheduled time each day to LISTEN TO GOD. I usually have daily quiet time, but it’s a gentle reminder that He comes first.

I also set weekly appointments to LISTEN. Listen to my husband, my family, people I interview and my readers. Hopefully these appointments will give me pause each day to put some solutions to my resolutions.

Steps You Can Take

  1. Pray about what God wants you to focus on this year. Is it a word? Is it a goal?
  2. Once you have a goal, write down specific steps you need to take to accomplish it.
  3. If applicable, give each step a due date.
  4. Share your goal with someone who can keep you accountable.
  5. Continue to look to God to give you direction and strength.

Now, how about you? What are your resolution solutions? I love to know how I can pray for you in the new year!

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  1. My word this year is focus. I figure it’s a great word for this year since we will be adding a baby to our family in April.
    Happy New Year!

    • I believe my word for this year will be to focus. In church during the sermon sometimes I have a wondering , wandering , mind. My thoughts can get so side tracked so easily. Sometimes it’s something the pastor says that sets my mind to wandering and before I know it I’m somewhere else and am not focusing on the message. In the past I have took notes,and this has been a huge success. I shall do this again so I don’t miss the important message God intended for me to receive.
      As for resolutions I have personal things that I need to work on. It’s an ongoing thing that always need my cultivation and attention and not just at New Years day.
      Happy New Year and God Bless you one and all.

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