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Simple Makeup for Busy Moms

For years I was a frumpy stay-at-home mom. I’d spend most of my days in yoga pants. Oh, wait! I still do that . . . but at least my hair and makeup looks cute!

Seriously, from 2001–2006 (OK, 2001–2013?!) I’m pretty sure the only time I put on makeup was on Sundays or if I was leaving the house (and even that was optional!). My makeup routine was so non-existent that every time I put on makeup, my kids would ask, “Where are we going?” They knew.

I’m not one who wears a ton of makeup, but going without it made me feel frumpy all the time. When did things change? Actually, last fall when Bella started going to her wonderful therapy school. I’d have to actually get up and get dressed to take her to school. I started showering, doing my hair, and putting on makeup early. At first I did it because I didn’t want to look frumpy in front of the other “put-together” moms, but soon I realized I started feeling GREAT. And I didn’t cringe when my doorbell rang. I could answer it in confidence.

My Simple Beauty and Makeup Tips:

1. Start with a clean face. I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub day and night. My face feels so clean afterward.

2. Moisturize. My 84-year-old grandmother should have bought stock in Oil of Olay. She uses it day and night. She’s taught me to always moisturize, too.

3. If you have oily skin, use Mary Kay Oil Mattifer. This helps keep a lot of the shine at bay.

4. A little concealer goes a long way. I use it under my eyes to brighten my face.

5. Use a powder foundation such as Bare Minerals or Clinique Superpowder. It’s easier to apply than liquid foundation, blends well, and gives you a more natural look.

6. Use an eyebrow pencil. It gives your eyebrows shape and helps you look more put together.

7. Use a moisturizing lip stain like Burt’s Bees so your lips won’t get too dried out.

8. Line the outside of your lines with a thin line. It’ll brighten you eyes.

9. An eyelash curler and mascara are a must!

10. Soft pink on the apples of your cheeks is an instant pick-me-up!

Of course, those are just my tips. I asked a few friends for their best tips, and this is what they came up with!


Actually put it on. I feel way better and am more productive during the day when I wear it. —Tamara

Start with Mary Kay, which is the best there is. —Ginger

Make up? What is that? I think I wore it once. Lol. —Tracey

Use your hair dryer to heat up your eyelash curler. Works great! —Erica

Perfume and happy lipstick only take a second and go a looooong way! —Mandii Marie

Concealer may be the best gift for a new mom. Seriously, so exhausted with a newborn and that can make you look so refreshed (even when you’re really tired) because you’ll likely take lots of pictures with that baby, and you want to look good too! —Shannan

Never sleep with your makeup on, and wash your face before bed and lots of water for a clearer complexion. —Jenna

A lighter shade of blush or highlighter on the apples of your cheeks, the center of your forehead, and right above the lip brightens you up considerably. Makes even tired moms faces look younger and awake. —Danya

Concealer in the inside corners of your eyes really brightens and makes you look younger. Always do your eyebrows, but not with a sharp line look. Full and natural makes you appear more youthful. —Tammy

Sleep and water! Oh wait, first one doesn’t work. Ok, so here is Plan B: Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum followed by Vitamin B Serum twice a day, and you may not even need the make up. Your face will start glowing in just a few days!!! And the best part, it’s affordable. —Britta

I got a mineral makeup facial. They taught me how to use a sharp, tiny brush to put on eyeliner quickly. Two dashes and a bit of red lip gloss makes my whole face look different. I feel different—and more confident. Spend the money for a nice “everyday” facial and learn as much as you can. —Angie

I have skin issues and have not found any makeup that works well, so for me I have learned that I’m happiest and feel more confident when my face is au natural. I might use a little eye liner once in a while, but that’s about it. —Jennifer

A pretty sandy, gold eye color like Mary Kay’s Beach Blonde Cream to Powder eye color, paired with mascara. Use this color from lash line to brown line. This is my “go-to” look. You can easily dress up the look with a darker color in the crease of your eyes and eyeliner. I used to sell Mary Kay. —Katie

A bright lip color will wake up a tired-looking face. —Mollie

I use a white eyeliner on my top lid from the inner corner and fade to the outside. Makes my eye look more awake. —Eileen

Tinted moisturizer, mineral powder, mascara, and lip stain with gloss on top: my favorite five-minute “mom face”! —Aimee

Never leave the house without gloss and mascara . . . and for those fellow moms of newborns: Visine. —Keisha

I’m addicted to my Rodan+Fields Soothe face regimen and FRESH cucumber eye gel. It makes my puffy eyes not so puffy in the mornings. A little blush, powder, lip gloss, and I’m ready. This is the routine of the lazy mom. LOL! —Jill

I love BareMinerals, and somehow since I had a baby I can get my makeup done in five minutes! So cool. A good tip I have is to use as much natural light as you can when applying. And the “old less is more” tip is right on, especially as you age. You can also go into an Ulta store or BareMinerals boutique and get a free makeover or “makeunder,” which is helpful when you want to learn more about application. —Kristen

I love Clinique’s chubby stick eye shadow. Rolls right on in less than five seconds per eye. —Molly

How about you? What are your favorite make up tips?

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  1. Love the make up tips. I am 66 but I still love wearing make up but not too much. I am fortunate by inheritance look younger than my age so that is a blessing. I would have loved to have had these tips when I was a young mother. Thanks.

  2. I mix a little coconut oil with peppermint castile soap (liquid) and use it as my face wash (coconut oil adds some moisture to the drying castile). It’s a great refreshing face wash and is all natural. I also use a dab of tea tree oil on my blemishes and have even put a little castor oil on a mole that was deemed harmless by the dermatologist to lighten it up a bit. For my moisturizer, I use straight coconut oil, but a little goes a long way. Have I mentioned coconut oil yet? I also slather it generously in my hair for an overnight about once or twice a week then wash it out well the next morning. It leaves my hair very soft and in between washes, when my hair starts to get dry, I take about half a pea size and rub it in my hands and run them over my hair for a slight shine. I use it for just about everything. A jar in the bathroom and a jar in the kitchen.

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