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Speaking and workshop topics include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Following God’s Dreams for Your Life
  • Balancing Writing and Mommy-ing
  • Teen Mom: Help and Hope
  • How to Write a Novel
  • and more!

(Descriptions below.)

Audiences and clients include: Women’s organizations, Teen organizations, Parent organizations, Faith-based groups, Family and counseling professionals, Medical/healthcare workers, Psychologists/psychiatrists, Book-club members, Middle school/high school/college students

Content, length, and messages are tailored for the audience addressed. Typical keynote addresses are 45-60 minutes, and workshops are approximately 1-3 hours, depending on need. Additional workshop topics are available upon request.


For Women:

Balancing Writing and Mommy-ing

“After the baby is weaned. After the kids are in school. After the kids move out.” The little word “after” doesn’t have to keep you from being both a mom and writer. Here I share my experience and management tips for balancing work and home.

How to Ruin Your Kids For Life

From signing them up for too many activities to bending to their every whim, here’s what not to do when it comes to raising your kids.

Following God’s Dreams for Your Life

“How come? What if? Why?” When it comes to our dreams, we need to look past who we dream to be and consider who God’s dreams us to be instead.

40 Ways to Be Present in Your Child’s Day

In the midst of a busy day, it’s easy for mamas to think of our children as “tasks” rather than as “hearts.” I’ve compiled practical steps moms can take to make sure their children don’t end up last on the to-do list.

Seven Bible Study Ideas for Busy Moms

If you want time to study God’s Word but don’t find it possible with little ones, here are seven ideas to incorporate the Bible into your daily routine.

Blue Like Play Dough: The Molding of Your Life

We all have expectations for our lives, yet in the stretch and squeeze of every day, we are often “smooshed” by constant demands. We become too busy to seek God, and when we do turn to Him, it’s often to ask Him for what we want. We forget to listen to Him or pay attention to His molding hands. Tricia will teach you how to realize God is at work in many unexpected ways and how to turn your life, dreams, goals, and  desires over to His hands. As Tricia has learned in her life story, it’s in God’s hands we’ll discover more than we asked for or expected!

Dare to Dream, Mom!

Have you ever told yourself, “After the kids are grown, then I’ll follow my dreams”? Tricia has a message for you. What does God have for you NOW? Yes, we want to love, give, and care for our family, but God also wants us to influence others for His glory. Tricia Goyer believes following God’s dreams takes steps of faith . . . and following Him is one of the best examples you can display for your kids!

Discovering God’s Dreams for YOU

Tricia says, “I imagine my face glows when I talk about my latest writing projects. I’ve always loved reading and creating stories. During my   childhood summers when my friends were at the lake, I was in the library. Looking back, I can see hints of the dreams God placed deep inside. But the contentment I feel when I use my talents and follow my dreams is  uncommon to many.” What dreams does God have for you? Often we need permission to discover them. Permission to slow down. Permission to discover our deepest purpose. And permission to follow God-breathed dreams—dreams that are perfectly planned for you.

For Writers:

How to Write a Novel

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “How do you write a novel?” Almost anyone can write a novel, but it takes time, persistence and skill. From tool recommendations to my writing journey, learn what steps you can take to write a novel.

Social Media for Writers

Want to write a book? Think it’s just about writing a good one? Think again. Social media needs to be taken as a serious tool for writers.

History for the Heart: Amazing True Stories from World War II

In 2000, Tricia traveled to Austria and toured the Mauthausen concentration camp. When she walked through the gates of the camp, her life was forever changed. Tricia shares stories about the liberation of the camp by American GIs and the stories of the men she canvassed the nation to  discover and interview. Their true stories range from one man’s being  reunited with a woman he rescued sixty years before, to the loss of brothers and friends, to the spirit of serving our nation and its people. Depending on the interests of her audiences, she weaves in her research and knowledge from her seven historical novels.

Teen Topics:

Blowing Your Teen Pregnancy Statistics Out of the Water

Instead of trying to shame a teen mom, what if we supported her? How you can make a difference to teen mom. Or if you are a teen mom, how you can become more than another statistic.

Teen Mom: Help and Hope

When pregnancy hits home, girls and young women need help! How could your life change so fast? Youth wasn’t supposed to be packed with worries and obligations, Lamaze classes and daycare choices—and you still have work and school! Where did the feeling of inadequacy come from? What happened to fun, friendships, and dating? And what about your needs? Through stories from Tricia’s personal experiences as a teenage mom, you will learn the nine basic needs of all young moms:  importance, identity, growth, intimacy, instruction, help, recreation, perspective, and hope. You will realize that meeting these needs facilitates your transformation into a mother. The content corresponds to Tricia’s book, Life Interrupted: The Scoop on Being a Young Mom.

Life Interrupted, Life Transformed (Suitable for all audiences)

When teen pregnancy hits home, young women often find themselves overwhelmed by shame, worries, and feelings of inadequacy. Through stories from Tricia’s experience as a teenage mom, you will learn how God transforms pain into purpose. Tricia shares how God turned past regrets into a new purpose for her future . . . and for the futures of thousands of other young women.

My Life, Unscripted (for Teens)

Using the metaphor of screenwriting, girls learn that they are in charge of writing the scripts for their lives. They are the protagonist; they have a supporting cast, but they ultimately make the decisions. Girls are led through an open dialogue of delving into their own inner struggles and outward relationships. They explore their relationships with self, friends, parents, enemies, guys, and God. They also learn the importance of “scripting” their own responses BEFORE challenging life situations arise. By contrasting real life with TV or movies, Tricia shows teens they don’t have to get caught up in the drama.

Additional workshop topics are available on request. 

To request Tricia for your event, please fill in the following form. Someone will get back to you ASAP. Please direct any questions to Amy [at] TriciaGoyer [dot] com.

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