Just Because Gifts … Let’s Take the Time to Be Thankful

Do you have someone in your life who has been a shining light? Someone who has given of themselves and really made a difference? Whenever I consider who has been this for me, I think of my friend Christie Erwin. Christie is the founder and director of Project Zero. Project Zero’s mission is this: 1+1=0. One waiting child plus one welcoming family equals zero kids in foster care waiting for forever homes. Christie works hand-in-hand with Arkansas Division of Children {Read More}

Ask Tricia | Adoption

I get asked questions all the time. As a wife of twenty-six years, a mom of ten—seven having been adopted, a homeschooler and a writer of over 60 books people want to know how my life works. Here is one of those questions and my short answer. More to come in the coming weeks! My husband and I are considering adopting, we’d like to know which type of adoption have you liked the most? —Elaine Congratulations! Adoption is an amazing {Read More}

Adoption | He Said, She Said

This post is part of For the Family’s He Said/She Said series. My husband, John, and I shared our perspectives on our adoption journey. Keep reading for both sides of the story! He Said {John’s Perspective} When I met Tricia she was the young mother of a baby boy, so we’ve had children in our relationship since our first date. We never got a honeymoon phase, and I always said that we were getting an early start. I set my mind on {Read More}

Adoption: Sometimes Love Grows

In my 25 years as a mom there have been many homecomings as I brought my children home for the first times. When Cory was born, I was a 17-year-old single mom, and we returned to my parents’ house. With Leslie and Nathan, John and I lived in low-income housing while he was in school. There was no designer nursery, but I did have room for a bassinet next to our bed. We adopted Alyssa as a baby. She was {Read More}

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