Teaching Children the Joy of Giving

Teaching Children the Joy of Giving The kids were buckled in my minivan and warm heat blew through the heart vents. A cold snap had hit Little Rock, but that hadn’t kept us from venturing out. My three young kids and I had a special mission. We’d just gotten through shopping for our boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Bella, Alyssa, and Casey worked so hard to make careful choices—a mix of fun things like cars and stuffed toys and useful {Read More}

Presents with a Purpose!

Presents with a Purpose! In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ —Acts 20:35 (NIV) I love giving … finding the perfect gifts, wrapping them with care, and giving them away. The joy is contagious when you watch someone’s face light up as they discover what’s within. Amidst the ribbows and bows, it’s easy to {Read More}

3 Things To Do to Make a Merrier Christmas

  Christmas is right around the corner. Gasp! I know. I don’t know about you, but December is a blur unless I get started early with Christmas preparations. In fact, here are three things I’ve started TODAY. 1. Order Christmas Cards I’m still one of those old-fashioned people who loves sending out Christmas cards, but nothing is more stressful than waiting until after Thanksgiving to create the perfect card. Today I went through photos from the last year and in {Read More}

What I Learned About Homeschooling from the Kiberia Slums

What I Learned About Homeschooling from the Kiberia Slums Before I left for my summer trip to Nairobi with AWANA, I knew my heart was going to break seeing the children living in poverty in the slums of Nairobi’s Kibera … but I never expected to learn so much about homeschooling from the teachers and students I met. I never expected to learn so much about homeschooling from the Kiberia slums. @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet First, the slums are a {Read More}

3 Questions About Giving Every Parent Should Ask

3 Questions About Giving Every Parent Should Ask   This summer I was blessed to travel to Kenya to meet with some amazing men and women who are using AWANA clubs (www.awana.org) to disciple children to know Jesus and know His Word. We visited six schools, each with 200+ students. My heart was drawn to the kids who praised God with smiling faces, even though many of them were orphans and had little or nothing of their own. It was easy {Read More}

July’s Instagram Round-Up!

I’m a pretty avid Instagram-er.   So I thought I’d share some photo highlights from the past month of summer travels and fun with the Goyer clan. If you’re on Instagram too, let’s connect! Family Photo at the Dixie Stampede! The Girls Love Exploring Iva’s Farm Summer Days Swimming with Goggle Friends! From Our Trip to The Living History Museum – Dress Up is So Much Fun! I Loved Catching Up With Joanna Weaver! A Beautiful Montana Rainbow! From our {Read More}

The Sad News About Adoption in our World

  Last week I was honored to go to Kenya with AWANA International. AWANA has 1,500 groups in Kenya, and they are doing amazing things. But the most amazing thing (to me!) was the work they are doing in the Kibera slums. The Kibera slums is estimated to be home to 1.3 million people, nearly half of them are children. Many of these children are orphans due to the death of a parent—many to AIDS. Yet dedicated leaders are creating {Read More}

Where Joy Is Found: Awana Making A Difference in the Kibera Slums

Joy where I never expected I watched my step as I moved through the thick, smelly mud. My red boots sunk into the mix of trash and slime. A few inches to my right was a channel cutting through the pathway, filled with human waste. To my left a woman, wearing a cast off t-shirt and long skirt sat in the doorway of a small shack, grilling corn for sale. At her feet a baby—no more than two-years-old—played with a {Read More}

The Perfect Timing of God’s Provision

The Perfect Timing of God’s Provision God takes care of those who take care of His people. Do you believe it? I do. Years ago we experienced this in our own family. In our home we had my husband, myself, our college age daughter, our high school age son and our one-year-old baby girl. For a season, our son and expectant daughter-in-law were living with us, too. Then, I received a letter from my Grandma. She had lived with us for nine years {Read More}

An Update from Kenya

An Update from Kenya At age 17, I became a teen mom… During my pregnancy it seemed that wherever I went I felt labeled. People noticed my “mistake,” but they didn’t see my heart. Few noticed how I was seeking God, and trying to make changes. My large, round stomach was all that they noticed. They are called slums because that’s why they are. It’s easy to overlook what’s truly important. @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet It’s easy to overlook what’s {Read More}

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