An Update from Kenya

An Update from Kenya At age 17, I became a teen mom… During my pregnancy it seemed that wherever I went I felt labeled. People noticed my “mistake,” but they didn’t see my heart. Few noticed how I was seeking God, and trying to make changes. My large, round stomach was all that they noticed. They are called slums because that’s why they are. It’s easy to overlook what’s truly important. @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet It’s easy to overlook what’s {Read More}

Awana Get Involved!

Awana Get Involved! My older kids have been involved in Awana since 1997 or so. And now my young kids are involved! I’ve always loved the┬ámission focus and their scripture training. Tomorrow I’m flying to Kenya to see how Awana International is reaching hundreds of thousands of kids in Kenya with the message of Jesus Christ. But even before the trip photos arrive, there are a few things that I wanted to share! Awana Stories Resources for Parents Awana’s Spiritual {Read More}

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