A Super-Simple Way to Effectively Study the Bible with Your Kids! {Guest Post by Amber Lia}

  Make sure to enter below for your chance to win a copy of Study Buddy! The church service ended and we made the mad dash to all four classrooms to pick our four sons. My husband Guy and I divide and conquer. After our third son was born, we realized that man to man combat would need to be replaced with zone defense. Now that we have four kids, we are seriously outnumbered. Even something as routine as picking {Read More}

The Power of Digging Deeper into God’s Word | ‘That the World May Know’ with Ray Vander Laan

What I didn’t learn in Sunday School I grew up in church, but I learned very little about the Bible during those early years. My Sunday school teacher was awesome. I enjoyed the lessons and learned Scripture verses. And while I could tell you that David toppled Goliath, and Sarah laughed when she was told she was going to have a child, I didn’t understand how the Bible was put together as one cohesive story. I discovered my lack of {Read More}

Hope For Bible Study Newbies (Who Want to Train their Kids Well)

Hope For Bible Study Newbies (Who Want to Train their Kids Well) I’m not sure I should admit this, but as much as I loved Women Living Well, I felt a twinge of jealousy as I read chapter two. Unexpected emotions rolled around in my gut as I read about how Courtney’s mother sat down with her in fourth grade and taught her how to have a quiet time. I almost couldn’t relate to the picture of a young Courtney, {Read More}

Bible Study Brainstorm: 7 Ideas for Busy Moms

Bible Study Brainstorm: 7 Ideas for Busy Moms There being sixteen years between babies, I had forgotten a lot. Right after I adopted my younger children a couple years ago I began to remember. I remembered that I can’t even take a shower without peace, let alone get an hour of Bible Study prayer and journaling that I was used to. If you want time to study God’s Word but don’t find it possible with little ones… Here are 7 ideas for spending {Read More}

The Desire to Be Seen

The Desire to Be Seen Years ago I attended a national mothering conference. A lot of women had gathered together to have fun, bond with friends, and learn how to be better mothers. Unfortunately I didn’t attend with other women. The truth was I’ve never felt so alone in my life. I had a hotel room to myself. I sat alone during the speakers’ presentations, among 5,000 women. I remember looking around and thinking, “Nobody knows me. Nobody understands.” They {Read More}

Podcast: Living Inspired: Gwen Smith & Mary Southerland | Dr. Reggie Anderson

Living Inspired ~ Thursday 3CT (11/28/13) To listen to the interview: go here and click on the player in the upper right corner of the screen.  This week on Living Inspired, please welcome authors of new book Knowing God by Name (Multnomah Books, 2013), Gwen Smith and Mary Southerland and author of Appointments With Heaven (Tyndale, 2013) author Dr. Reggie Anderson. If you’re reading this after 11/28/13 you’ll be able to find this show . . . and all my shows {Read More}

Living a Grace-Filled Life

Every Sunday we have a small group that meets at our house. I count these people among my closest friends, and they love me for me—not for anything I’ve accomplished in life or anything I strive to accomplish. They are my cheerleaders and my inner circle. They also tell me what I need to hear even when I don’t want to hear it! (Now those are good friends!) This is our second “small group” of friends. When we left Montana {Read More}

Podcast: Living Inspired: Brenda Garrison | Marion Stroud

Living Inspired ~ Thursday 3CT (9/12/13) To listen to the interview: go here and click on the player in the upper right corner of the screen. This week on Living Inspired, we will be chatting with two inspirational authors— Brenda Garrison author of Love No Matter What (Thomas Nelson, 2013) and Marion Stroud author of It’s Just You and Me, Lord (Discovery House Publishers, 2012).  Sign up below for your chance to win one in three copies of Love No {Read More}

The Lazy Woman’s Guide to Topical Bible Study

I love studying the Bible. I’m perfectly happy to have a stack of study books by my side. I could spend hours a day reading God’s Word and allowing it to carry me through it’s passages. Of course I’m a mom of six, including three little ones who usually never “sleep in” after 6:00 a.m. I don’t have time to spend hours a day in God’s Word. Instead, I’ve discovered a few tricks of “going deep” into a topical Bible {Read More}

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