Fall 2014: Favorite Blogs

My Favorite Blogs: Fall 2014 As a writer, I’m honored to have my work featured on some of my favorite blogs. I thought I’d share the blog-love with the readers on my own site too! Here they are, in no particular order… The Mob Society: FOR Moms of Boys, BY Moms of Boys Created in 2010 by Erin Mohring and Brooke McGlothlin, The MOB Society has quickly become a beacon of hope for boy moms, and the online home for all things boys. With five {Read More}

Where Joy Is Found: Awana Making A Difference in the Kibera Slums

Joy where I never expected I watched my step as I moved through the thick, smelly mud. My red boots sunk into the mix of trash and slime. A few inches to my right was a channel cutting through the pathway, filled with human waste. To my left a woman, wearing a cast off t-shirt and long skirt sat in the doorway of a small shack, grilling corn for sale. At her feet a baby—no more than two-years-old—played with a {Read More}

Awana Go to Kenya!

    As a full-time wife, full-time mom, and full-time writer (plus part-time mentor) I’m super picky about what my kids are involved in. Even though we had seasons of t-ball, 4-H, dance, soccer, art classes and language lessons there were only a few things we focused on long-term: 1. Homeschool basketball 2. Homeschool choir 3. Awana As our older three children grew into teenagers, there was something else we focused on: missions. I wanted my children to understand different {Read More}

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