3 Ways to Include Devotions in {Any} Family’s Busy Schedule – Rhonda Owens

We’re all busy. Whether we have one child or eight; whether we homeschool or public school; whether we work at home, work part-time or full — we are busy! In fact, most of my friends, in response to the question, “How are you?” usually respond, “Busy!!” So in a day and age when we feel harried, as if we couldn’t possibly add one more thing to our schedules, how are we doing at following God’s directive to diligently teach our {Read More}

Mealtime Devotions | What’s on Your Label?

Mealtime Prayer: Dear Lord, a name isn’t something I can see or taste or touch. But help me to remember that it sticks with me wherever I go. Amen. Appetizer: Grab three cans of food from the cupboard. What things on the label make customers want to buy them? If your mom and dad were cans in a supermarket, what good things would you put on their labels? “Hard worker”? “Good cook”? “Generous neighbor”? What labels would go on a {Read More}

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