Teaching Kids to Give Generously

Teaching My Children to Give Generously I never planned on that very ordinary spring day to provide a teaching moment, yet that’s exactly how it turned out. I had just loaded my children into the car after a doctor’s appointment and a man, wearing tattered clothes, approached in a wheelchair. He asked if we had any food to spare, and I shared what I had to give: a sack lunch prepared for a picnic and a bakery donut I’d bought {Read More}

4 Ways to Make Time for What Really Matters

You’re always on the go. Scrambling to find enough minutes in the day for everything you need to accomplish. When you’re feeling maxed out, it’s hard to live intentionally and set aside time for God. How do you  make time for what matters most? I remember one Sunday I had a dilemma that taught me the importance of finding balance in my life. We were a few minutes late for church, and we took a seat behind the children. In our church, {Read More}

3 Ways You Can Share God’s Love for $10 | Join the #GiveTen Challenge!

3 Ways You Can Share God’s Love for $10 As the holiday season rolls around I hear a lot of “I wants” from my kids. Catalogs show up in the mail. Commercials flash on the television. Every store is filled with racks of glittery, flashy toys that draw my children’s attention. My children are too easily drawn to what they can get, and my goal as a mom is to show them what they can give. Here are 3 ways {Read More}

Preparing Your Teen and Finances for College {Plus a Giveaway}

I’ve been homeschooling for more than twenty-five years with, so far, two college graduates and one child in the process. Overall, my kids thrived in college. They got good grades, made good friends, and blossomed into godly adults. They all went to secular local and state colleges, yet their relationship with God grew. Do you have a teen about to head to college (or maybe you’ve just started your parenting journey and are looking to prep and save for your {Read More}

Restoring the Lost Art of Piggy Bank Savings

There is nothing more wonderful than to hear exciting announcements like this: “Mom, I’m getting married!” or “Goyers, guess what? You’ve been chosen to adopt a wonderful sibling group!” We’ve heard both within the last six months, which means that our family is growing in wonderful ways! (And more information about this new sibling group will be coming through my blog in future weeks … I promise!) Of course, there’s nothing worse than hearing wonderful news and the first thought {Read More}

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