15 {Untypical} Questions to Verify Your Purpose in 2015

I am one of the busiest moms I know. I write three to four books a year, blog, homeschool, and lead a teen moms’ support group. Oh yes, and I’m working with an amazing production company that’s making huge progress in having one of my book series turned into a TV series! (I know; it blows me away too!) Sometimes I can’t believe this is my life. I’m a former teenager mother. I have no college degree. I live in {Read More}

Time to Evaluate My Life!

Time to Evaluate My Life! In my book Balanced, one of the things I encourage women to do is take an honest look at their lives, and to come up with a “Yeah! list” of things they’re doing great at, and a “Fail! list” of areas they feel they’re falling short. I thought I’d take my own advice. Here is the list of the first things that popped into my mind today: Yeah! I’m keeping up with Reading Through the {Read More}

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