Mealtime Devotions | God’s Phone Number {Plus a Giveaway!}

Mealtime Prayer: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. Amen. Appetizer: Have one person think of a short message such as “Eat all your vegetables” or “Baseball is a great sport.” Without using words, try {Read More}

Mealtime Devotions | When Less is More {Plus a Giveaway!}

Mealtime Prayer: Ask God to show you ways you can give to others things that matter to you. Appetizer: Fill a small cup with warm water. Put a couple tablespoons of a favorite drink in a large cup. (Make sure the cups aren’t see-through.) Hold up the cups so everyone can see how full they are. Ask which cup they’d rather have. After they choose, show them the inside of the cups. Why did they choose the one they did? {Read More}

Mealtime Devotions | Got Milk? {Plus a Giveaway!}

Mealtime Prayer: Pray the Bible from Psalm 125:15-16. (Have one person read one line, then read the next line together.) Reading: The eyes of all look to you. Response: And you give them their food at the proper time. Reading: You open your hand. Response: And satisfy the desires of every living thing. Appetizer: Did you know that cows are good for more than milk and steaks? What else comes from cows? (Basketballs are made from cowhides. Crayons come from {Read More}

Mealtime Devotions | It’s Good for You {Plus a Giveaway!}

Mealtime Prayer: Thank the Lord that He has given you food to make your body strong and His Word to make your spirit strong. Appetizer: Did you know that broccoli has been served up for dinner for at least 2,000 years? (Parts of the Bible have been around even longer!)1 If you could outlaw one vegetable, what would it be? Main Course: Have you ever heard your mom say, “Eat your broccoli; it’s good for you”? Believe it or not, your {Read More}

3 Ways to Include Devotions in {Any} Family’s Busy Schedule – Rhonda Owens

We’re all busy. Whether we have one child or eight; whether we homeschool or public school; whether we work at home, work part-time or full — we are busy! In fact, most of my friends, in response to the question, “How are you?” usually respond, “Busy!!” So in a day and age when we feel harried, as if we couldn’t possibly add one more thing to our schedules, how are we doing at following God’s directive to diligently teach our {Read More}

Mealtime Devotions | Snack Attack {Plus a Giveaway!}

Mealtime Prayer: Lord, help me to remember that Your timing is perfect. Amen. Appetizer: Did you know the word cookie actually comes from the Dutch word koekje, pronounced “kook-ya,” which means little cake? Why do you think they gave it this name? Main Course: Have you ever sneaked a treat before dinner? Your stomach is growling. Your patience is wearing out. You munch a cookie (or two or three) just to ease your hunger. What happens when dinnertime arrives? What if you were served {Read More}

Mealtime Devotions | What’s on Your Label?

Mealtime Prayer: Dear Lord, a name isn’t something I can see or taste or touch. But help me to remember that it sticks with me wherever I go. Amen. Appetizer: Grab three cans of food from the cupboard. What things on the label make customers want to buy them? If your mom and dad were cans in a supermarket, what good things would you put on their labels? “Hard worker”? “Good cook”? “Generous neighbor”? What labels would go on a {Read More}

Mealtime Devotions | Lost and Found {Plus a Giveaway!}

Mealtime Prayer Tell God how thankful you are that he takes care of you like a shepherd cares and watches over his sheep. Appetizer: Sheep are curious but dumb animals. Did you know that sheep are often unable to find their way home even if the sheepfold is within sight? Knowing this, the sheperd never takes his eyes off his wandering sheep. Read Psalm 32:8. Main Course: Set the table with one less plate than needed. Hide the plate, and {Read More}

Mealtime Devotions | Attitude of Gratitude {Plus a Giveaway!}

Mealtime Prayer What are some things that your family members have done for each other today? Thank God for your family and the ways you can help each other. Appetizer: How do you feel when you do something nice for someone else and he or she doesn’t thank you for what you’ve done? Have you ever forgotten to thank someone for doing something nice for you? Main Course: The Bible tells us that, one day, Jesus healed ten men who {Read More}

How to be a Confident Family Leader

Do you find it hard to lead in your home? A lot of people do.   Go to any park, or to Wal-Mart, or even look around the church, and you might see that often the big people aren’t the ones calling the shots. The same is true in the home. Kids have their own televisions and computers so they can pick their entertainment. They have their own schedule of extra-curricular activities that keeps the family on the run. In {Read More}

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