How to Survive God Seeing Your Everything {by Christy Fitzwater}

The table was kind of full, so I slid down against the wall and invited little girls to come say their Bible verses to me on the floor. “Can you help me learn this verse?” asked one girl, after she plopped down next to me. “Of course,” I said. “Well, the first place to start is to make sure you really understand the verse. That makes it a lot easier to remember.” So we read Psalm 139:2: You know when {Read More}

Do You Dare? | Trusting God with Your Past, Present, & Future

“I have screwed up big time. If you can do anything with my life, please do.” That was the eloquent prayer I prayed in the early months of 1989. I was 17 and pregnant. I had dropped out of regular high school. My boyfriend was out of the picture. My friends were going on with their senior year. I was depressed. I was without hope. I slept in until noon and watched soap operas, and I was pretty sure my {Read More}

Fifty Shades of Brokenness | No Explanation Needed

50 Shades of Brokenness No Explanation Needed   1. There is a painful situation. You hurt me. 2. You have made me despairing and desperate. 3. You are making me weary and tired of said circumstance. 4. You are to blame and stand condemned. 5. You must not win, no matter the cost. 6. You exert more pressure, more control. It becomes a battle of the wills. 7. The pain only gets worse, the circumstance more out of control. 8. {Read More}

When Your Child Makes a Costly Mistake

When Your Child Makes a Costly Mistake   When it comes to parenting, what’s more important God or money? It may be easy to say “God” until our kids make a costly mistake . . . it’s then our true colors come out. It happened to us just a year or so ago. Our teenage daughter was right behind us in her car, driving home from church, when we received a phone call. She’d been cresting a hill just five {Read More}

In-To-Me-See | 7 Ways to Be Transparent in Marriage

In-To-Me-See 7 Ways to Be Transparent in Marriage   Overall, I would say intimacy is one of my biggest struggles in our marriage. Even before last year I felt as if I had a whole separate part of me, deep inside, that John knew nothing about. I would share my feelings, as long as they didn’t bring up conflict (or even if I thought they had the smallest chance of causing conflict). It was easier for me to put on a {Read More}

When the Past Affects Your Marriage

When the Past Affects Your Marriage I looked like the perfect bride when, at age eighteen, I walked down the aisle to where John waited. Although outwardly I was adorned in a beautiful gown, inside I wore scars of past hurts. In my hands I carried a fragrant bouquet of roses. In my mind memories of embraces with past lovers—secret intimacies that had fulfilled me for a season. A smile curled my lips as ruffles trailed behind me, but I {Read More}

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