YOU can be the answer to the race problem

Do you think we don’t have a race problem in the US? Maybe your thoughts would change if you talked to someone different than you. Or maybe you know there is a problem, but you don’t know what to do to help. There are many ways you can build friendships and connect with others across ethnic and cultural lines. Here are seven ways you can be the answer to the race problem, taken from my book Walk It Out. Ask {Read More}

How do you build deep friendships? T-I-M-E

Last week I was blessed to hang out with some of my favorite friends for four days. As I’ve mentioned before, every year I get together with a group of Christian novelists to plot, play and pray together. Each person gets one hour and fifteen minutes of plotting time. They share their book ideas, and everyone else helps them come up with ideas for their plots, characters, conflicts. (Below I have links to some of the books we’ve plotted if {Read More}

God’s Grace and Getting Rid of Stinking Thinking

As I type this note I’m heading back from the 15th annual Plot, Play, Pray retreat that I attend every year with a group of Christian novelists that I consider some of my dearest friends. Every year at the retreat we each go around and share deeper what’s been happening in our lives throughout the year. As I was thinking about this I realized that overall it’s been a year of comfy clothes, naps and God’s grace. Mostly it’s been {Read More}

Lead Your Family Like Jesus DVD Curriculum: Sneak Peek

If you’re going to be my friend, you need to know a few things. I remember everything. For example like the story my friend Marie told me about her first week of dating, and how she was hospitalized, and how her not-yet boyfriend took care of her while she had the flu. Stories like that make it into my books. I confess my shortcomings . . . and sometimes yours. For example I’ve written often about how I kept arm’s {Read More}

How to Be “Involved” In Ways That Really Matter

Have you ever heard this saying by Theodore Roosevelt: “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”? Caring takes involvement. Caring takes being present. We are involved in a lot of things today, but how much time do we take to be involved with people . . . really involved? How many minutes did you spend on Facebook or email yesterday, compared to having a face-to-face conversation? It’s easy to send out 140-character tweets. It’s {Read More}

Friendships: How You And Your Spouse Can Find Friends Together

Does this sound familiar? WIFE: “Honey, I think we should get to know some other couples. Wouldn’t that be fun?” HUSBAND: “Maybe someone from church or the office?” WIFE: “That’s what I was thinking. Why don’t we start with Mike and Lisa?” HUSBAND: “Lisa is your friend, but Mike and I have nothing in common.” (Mental thought: Mike’s a bit strange, he doesn’t even like football.) “How about the Palmers?” (Mental thought: Jack likes football.) WIFE: “I don’t have much {Read More}

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