4 Ways Your Healthy Friendships Bless Your Kids

I say the same thing every time my kids are about to meet one of my friends: “Oh, you’re just going to love her!” Because of my work as a writer, many of my friends are also writers, and they are scattered all over the US (and world!). We meet up with friends on road trips, and sometimes my friends visit and stay in our home. Having healthy relationships with my friends is important—not only for me, but for my {Read More}

How to be “Involved” in Ways that Really Matter

Have you ever heard this saying by Theodore Roosevelt: “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”? Caring takes involvement. Caring takes being present. We are involved in a lot of things today, but how much time do we take to be involved with people . . . really involved? How many minutes did you spend on Facebook or email yesterday, compared to having a face-to-face conversation? It’s easy to send out 140-character tweets. It’s {Read More}

God’s Mission & Tool Chest for Moms

The assignment: confirmed in the moment by the Holy-Spirit via telepathic communication. The command: given by the High Chief to Love One Another (Matthew 22:39). You close your Bible and check the leather binding to make sure it’s not one of those self-igniting editions. It’s not. And that’s a good thing too, it’s your favorite exhaustive, study edition. You snap open your super-secret tool chest. (So secret in fact, you have yet to use some of the apparatus.) Inside the chest, next to the {Read More}

Finding Friendship at Teen MOPS (Plus a Giveaway!)

I attended my first MOPS group at my home church in Kalispell, Montana, in 1998. I was a mom of three young kids, and I loved hanging out with other women, getting to know them, and hearing wonderful speakers. OK, the crafts were good too. My second year of MOPS I was asked to speak. I remember one meeting when I shared about Once a Month Cooking. Yet as I shared about how my friend and I spent one day {Read More}

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