Diverse Friendships | Why It’s Important to Be Friends With All Types of People

Diverse Friendships Why It’s Important to Be Friends with All Types of People Last week my friend from the Czech Republic was in town. My kids and I went to lunch with her, and we visited an alligator farm. (Yes, there is such a thing.) Zuzana told my children there weren’t alligators in her country. She shared other things that were different, and the kids were amazed. We went to get frozen yogurt, and she taught them some words in {Read More}

How do you build deep friendships? T-I-M-E

Last week I was blessed to hang out with some of my favorite friends for four days. As I’ve mentioned before, every year I get together with a group of Christian novelists to plot, play and pray together. Each person gets one hour and fifteen minutes of plotting time. They share their book ideas, and everyone else helps them come up with ideas for their plots, characters, conflicts. (Below I have links to some of the books we’ve plotted if {Read More}

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