The Tricia Goyer books you probably haven’t read … but should!

I love writing books, and I love when readers are able to walk into bookstores and pick up a copy just as it comes out, yet I’ve written some books where doing that hasn’t been so easy. In fact many readers haven’t purchased books from my Home to Heather Creek series because for many years these books were only available through the Guidepost book club. If you’re one of those people I have great news! My Home to Heather Creek {Read More}

What An Unexpected Flower Pot Taught Me About Hope | Guest Post by Eva Piper

Hope can be a verb or a noun. Used as a verb it means we want something to happen. We hear stories of tragic events and hope everything and everyone will be safe. We may hear from a friend or loved one who shares a need. We end the conversation with “I hope everything works out.” Newly expecting parents may say, “I hope it’s a girl,” or, “I hope it’s a boy.” Students walking down school hallways utter, “I hope {Read More}

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