How to Ruin Your Teens for Life

How to Ruin Your Teens for Life 1. Hide your past mistakes. Put on an act that you are perfect and your teenagers are the ones with all the problems. (After all, if your teens hear what you did in your past, they might want to follow.) 2. Don’t worry about where they are going and what they are doing. You didn’t want to be hounded at that age. You didn’t want to be asked all those questions. Instead, trust {Read More}

Generations May Influence Us, But God’s Influence is Greater

Generations May Influence Us, But God’s Influence is Greater My teen years are a product of the 80’s. Madonna sang Like a Virgin and no one I knew felt virginity was something to protect. While growing up, I sometimes felt closer to television families, like the Cosby’s, than my own. I escaped into books and always tried to gain the approval of my friends. In high school, I got together with guys and then broke up again, each time guarding myself {Read More}

Ancestors: Hearing Their Stories Reminds Me of the Importance of Mine

My great-grandmother as a child in Mexico; my great-great-great-great-great grandfather Friedrich Wyneken; the wall in my hall with my kids’ photos I am writing the true Amish story of my friends Ora Jay and Irene Eash. In one of my conversations Irene mentioned that she had a famous relative. I love this story! The Amish are a story-telling people, and perhaps the best-known story in Amish circles is that of Jacob Hochstetler, an eighteenth-century Amish man who lived with his {Read More}

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