Teaching Kids to Give Generously

Teaching My Children to Give Generously I never planned on that very ordinary spring day to provide a teaching moment, yet that’s exactly how it turned out. I had just loaded my children into the car after a doctor’s appointment and a man, wearing tattered clothes, approached in a wheelchair. He asked if we had any food to spare, and I shared what I had to give: a sack lunch prepared for a picnic and a bakery donut I’d bought {Read More}

7 Tips for Living on $7 a Day {by Darren Terpstra}

On October 1st of 2015 I started living on $7 a day, challenging myself to do it for a year (see rules and exceptions here). I’m doing this because I want to show people how much good each and every one of us can do with just a little bit of self-sacrifice. (I’m video blogging the whole thing, so if you’re interested in staying up to date, check out my channel.) It’s been an amazing journey so far! Each month {Read More}

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