5 Grand Ways Kids Can Love Their Grandparents

5 Grand Ways Kids Can Love Their Grandparents Happy Grandparents Day! Did you know? 10% of American children live with one or more grandparents. Here are a few ways your kids can show love to their grandparents… 1. Send them a letter. Even if they live nearby and even though it may cost merely cents, it’s still a grand gesture to send some snail mail. Toddlers can draw pictures (& moms can translate the picture if necessary.) Thanking them for their love {Read More}

August’s Instagram Roundup!

  August’s Instagram Roundup!   Here are some favorite snapshots from my Instagram feed this month. If you’re on Instagram too, let’s connect!   Follow me on Instagram to get these photos and more arrive directly to you as I post them! Here are some favorite snapshots from my Instagram feed this month. @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet Prayer Thank you God, for blessing me with children whose smiles bring such joy to my heart. I have so much to be thankful {Read More}

I’m a Gold-Star-Loving Girl

I’m a Gold-Star-Loving Girl. Wouldn’t it be great if we went through life filling a gold-star chart and feeling appreciated for every small task we were to achieve? “Great dinner, Mom.” Gold Star. “Thanks for the ride.” Gold Star. “That’s the best book I’ve ever read.” Gold Star. Stars would appear and line up in a neat row, hanging above our heads as we’d move through the day. They’d brighten our path—as stars do. They’d confirm we were doing what {Read More}

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