Praying for Fruit; Waiting for Harvest | Hettie Brittz

Immediacy is one of my favorite things. I find deep happiness in a perky voice answering my call after only half a ring and in the same-day delivery option on Amazon. Wouldn’t parenting be a breeze if our efforts could bear same-day fruit? Imagine this: We’d call for generous sharing and – tadaaa! – our sons would offer their sisters half of their desert. Bliss. Well, I’ve tried teaching instantaneous good character, without success. When simply asking didn’t do it, {Read More}

Homeschooling in the Shade by Hettie Brittz {Plus a Giveaway!}

Have you ever found another homeschooling mom who gets you and who could handle the truth about how you’re really doing? That would be like finding a shady tree on the side of the road to rest under. I’m still looking, most of the time. I try to pretend I am quite okay to Lone Ranger it in the relentless sun on this journey, but truth be told, it would be great to take a break from this pretending. I’d {Read More}

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