5 Keys to Homeschooling Success

As a homeschooling mom for twenty years (with fifteen years to go), I have a lot of stuff. Books, papers, DVDs, CDs, schedules, papers, you name it. Yet even more consuming is organizing my thoughts and plans. There is so much you can do, how do you know what you should do? After twenty years of trial and error, here are 5 keys to homeschooling success: Let your natural bent guide you. As a writer I love everything literature-based. The curriculum {Read More}

Shaping your Homeschool Schedule: Form Before Fill!

Shaping your Homeschool Schedule: Form Before Fill! I’ve been a homeschooling mom for almost twenty years, and for so many of those years I filled our lives with too much. Thankfully there was a moment when I stepped back, took a good look, firmed up what I wanted to achieve in our homeschool, and then filled our schedule from there. Want to know where I got that idea? Genesis 1. We are made in the image of God. As homeschooling {Read More}

Homeschool: The Big Challenge

Homeschool: The Big Challenge In the choice to homeschool, I chose a challenge that still makes me ask myself, What was I thinking? at least once a week. There are days I’d rather climb into bed with a coffee and a good book than figure out another lesson plan. There are even days I’d rather scrub the toilets or clean out my fridge. It’s then I’m forced to my knees. Okay, God, can you show up today in a big {Read More}

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