Multiple Choice Interview | Amish Reader

I recently had the pleasure of visiting to answer a fun multiple-choice interview and to celebrate the release of Sewn with Joy. Read the interview below and make sure to enter their giveaway of a Whirley-Pop popcorn popper gift set, a $25 gift card, and two copies of Sewn with Joy! To get your name in the drawing, fill out the form HERE!) Interview with Tricia Goyer: Multiple Choice 1. The tastiest topping for popcorn is… Butter Caramel Nothing—it’s good all by itself! Something spicy {Read More}

The Rest is His Story

Listen to my interview on Heroes for Her podcast and read a blurb about the interview below! Seven daughters. Yeah, you heard that right. I felt my heart drop when Tricia Goyer reminded me that she has seven, not six, daughters. Six are adopted, and she has one biological daughter. My heart hit the floor as I imagined myself trying to juggle all of that. Raised by a teen mother before her mom married her stepdad, Tricia never really knew the {Read More}

Messy Beautiful Love: Book Giveaway & Author Interview

Messy Beautiful Love: Interview & Book Giveaway   You may be familiar with one of my favorite bloggers, Darlene Schacht, also known as the TimeWarpWife. I’m happy to announce that Darlene’s book is releasing tomorrow! To celebrate, I’m giving away 3 copies of her books and letting you know a little more about why I’m so excited about this book. She answered the following questions for us… Yay! @TriciaGoyer is celebrating @timewarpwife’s book release with a giveaway! Click To Tweet Your book is {Read More}

Make It Your Story

Make It Your Story I was able to sit down with the folks at Life Plus Homeschooling to chat about how every person has a special story created by God. Watch the video below to find out how you can make much of your family’s particular story.  Some ways to create your own life story: Don’t compare yourself to other moms. Focus on your strengths, and grow those strengths. Don’t compare your weaknesses against others’ strengths. Be willing to let go of some things. {Read More}

Video Encouragement: Lead Your Family Like Jesus

Video Encouragement: Lead Your Family Like Jesus   Happy Saturday! Here’s a collection of my favorites from my ‘Lead Your Family Like Jesus’ video series based on the book I wrote with Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges. Make Every Day Count Showing Servant Leadership with Tricia Goyer Showing Sacrifice Here’s some video encouragement for your Saturday! @TriciaGoyer Click To Tweet Let’s play a game! My book The Kissing Bridge is a featured item in Barnes & Noble through August 18th! Next time {Read More}

Novelization & Motherhood | An Interview with Tricia Goyer

Novelization & Motherhood An Interview with Tricia Goyer   What is the novelization process like? How many times did I have to watch the movie? How can moms find the time for a moms’ night out in the midst of chaos? Good questions! I was recently interviewed about my novelization of the popular film, Moms’ Night Out and the importance of having “mommy time.” Check out the interview below to learn more! Q: This book is a novelization of the new movie Moms’ {Read More}

How to Interview for Non-Fiction Magazines and Books: 17 Tips for Ease and Success!

  I’ve been honored over the years to interview hundreds of people for articles, blogs, and books! A few of my non-fiction projects are Life, In Spite of Me and Plain Faith. Throughout the years I’ve learned how to create a better interview—one that will make the subject comfortable and help me as a writer. Here are my tips! Hey, #writers! @TriciaGoyer shares her tips for creating better #interviews. Click To Tweet Prepare. Have a short list of questions you {Read More}

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